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The curious case of the tankers

by Nat South for The Saker Blog I have taken the opportunity to look at the recent incident involving two outbound tankers in the Gulf of Oman. I have got some questions or two, (or three) about certain parts of the incident, from a civilian mariner’s perspective mostly. There are various conflating aspects to the event, and questions need to be asked, yet journalists do not seemingly wish to ask

Arctic Russian icebreakers – Kerfuffle over numbers, role and expectations

by by Nat South for The Saker Blog (Part 1) I’d like to tackle the subject of Arctic icebreakers, by firstly looking at the Bloomberg article, “Putin’s Arctic Plans Are a Climate Change Bet” as a starting point to this analysis. The article starts off in an eye-catching fashion, using keywords such as “climate change”, “control shipping routes”. The article is about the new generation of Russian nuclear icebreakers currently

The new Silk route on rails

By Nat South for The Saker Blog This is the second part in a series that looks behind the scenes, at particular aspects of trade, shipping and transport involving Russia. This analysis was partially written back in spring 2018, before taking academia seriously for a while. Historically & to this day the US depends on the Mahan theory of sea route control and control of significant maritime chokepoints for power

Being bullish about Arctic shipping – the Northern Sea Route (NSR)

Being bullish about Arctic shipping – the Northern Sea Route (NSR) by Nat South for the Saker Blog Part 1 The Northern Sea Route, (Северного морского пути) handled a record 9.7 Mn tons of sea cargo in 2017. President Putin, in his speech to the Federal Assembly at the beginning of March, stated that he would like to see a tenfold increase of cargo transported along the NSR by