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Nikolai Starikov – Why Putin doesn’t recognize D/LPR as sovereign states [ENG Subs] [DE Subs]

Dear friends, Thanks to my awesome friend Tatzhit Mikhailovich I can, once again, share with you the subtitled version of a crucially important video statement made by Nikolai Starikov.  The “hurray patriots” are going to be enraged, but a lot of you will appreciate the sophistication of Starikov’s (well, Putin’s, really) strategy. Enjoy! The Saker (please press the ‘cc’ button to see the captions and the settings “wheel” to pick

Global Politics – a war of meanings

by Nikolai Starikov Source: Глобальная политика – война смыслов Translated by DzhMM, Mikhael, Gideon (thanks guys!!!!) In the course of life today, we’ve grown accustomed to using terms whose meaning we might not fully understand. We throw them around casually, not realizing that they lose their meaning and sometimes even come around to stand for their exact opposite. This is precisely why the sense has arisen today in society that

MUST WATCH: Strelkov vs Starikov debate

MUST WATCH: a very high quality debate between Igor Strelkov and Nikolai Starikov. Most Russians views did say that Strelkov won the debate. I completely disagree. What do you think?     A HUGE THANK YOU to all those who translated and subtitled this most interesting confrontation between two good and very intelligent men! Translation: Shurik, DzhMM, Eugenia Production: Marina & Augmented Ether   Your turn to vote now: Who

The US cannot start a major war in Ukraine

By Nikolai Starikov Translated by Val from Osa http://www.vz.ru/opinions/2014/12/25/722171.html How long the West is willing to pay for the crumbling economy of Ukraine without guarantees of the beginning of its war with Russia? The Western strategy rule says: lost control over the territory – create the Antithesis. It is possible to understand what is happening in Ukraine, it is much more difficult to evaluate and forecast the development of events.

Pain inflicting techniques

by Nikolai Starikov for Vzgiad(translated by the Russian Team) The West is so used to the one-sided game that they seem genuinely surprised that Russia has responded to the West’s sanctions against her. That’s ok, let them get used to it. Whoever will come to us with a sword by the sword will perish. That is only when we are talking about a battle sword and a “hot” war. If

Partial translation of the Starikov interview

First, I think we all owe a HUGE THANK YOU!!! to “G” and “M” who did this translation literally overnight (and I know for a fact that “G” did not sleep for a full night because of that). I know that doing a rush-translation is a royal pain in the rear end which is not very different from a refined torture and that is especially true for people like “G”

Appeal for help: can somebody translate this into English?

Dear friends,Is there somebody here who could translate this video into English?  Especially, the segment between 1:20 and 11:41.  But, of course, translating the full video would be better.If somebody could volunteer his/her time and effort to translate this video, I would recommend posting a note here in the comments section so that others do not duplicate the effort.  Maybe some of you could get in touch with each other