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Why 2019 Ukraine Imports Terrorists and Exports Terror 1992-2019

by George Eliason, Special Correspondent for the Saker Blog in Novorussia The shame of post 2014 Ukraine is that the only equivalent situation that could exist is putting the Ukrainian SS death camp guards, their families, and officers’ in charge of Israel. Would giving death camp torturers and lever pullers free reign to do what they want to an entire people have been the thing to do during or after WWII? As you’ll soon

Very high risk of false flag operation in Kiev!

The Leader of the DNR, Alexander Zakharchenko, was interviewed yesterday on the most watched talk-show on Russian TV, “Evening with Vladimir Soloviev” and when asked by the host whether the local accomplices who had made such a murder possible had been identified, he only replied “the investigation is still ongoing”.  This short exchanges illustrates a couple of interesting things: First, even though there are some who don’t want questions to

The Murder of Motorola – questions which must be answered

Small caveat first: I will be honest here, I am extremely uncomfortable with this topic and I greatly hesitated before addressing it here.  As I have said it many many times before, there is a US-manipulated crowd of what I call “hurray patriots” which will use anything and everything to blame it all on Putin (just like their US controllers do, of course).  So when Putin (or Russia) does something

“Donbass Seasons” (English subtitles)

“Donbass-Seasons” is a documentary that traces the history of the war in Donbass, from the coup in Kiev to the Odessa massacre through to the start of the conflict. The documentary contains interviews with Nicolai Lilin, Eliseo Bertolasi and Vauro Senesi, the narrating voices of the videos filmed by Eliseo Bertolasi and Sergeij Rulev. Directed by Sara Reginella, “Donbass Seasons” shows the changing of seasons and the flow of life

A place in between

Note: following Desecrated Shrines, this is the second eyewitness report about daily life in Novorussia sent to my by the Saker Community representative in Novorussia, Dagmar Henn, Team Leader German Saker Blog who has found the time to write this text while reorganizing the German blog. The Saker A place in between by Dagmar Henn It´s a cold, but sunny morning when we start for Oktiaborskii, another one of the

Desacrated shrines

Note: this is the first article sent to my by the Saker Community representative in Novorussia, Dagmar Henn, from the German Saker Blog.  Dagmar has had a tough trip, with very little opportunity to write and only sporadic and slow Internet connections (this is, after all, a war zone).  I hope that this will be a first of a series of eyewitness reports by Dagmar about the reality of life

Alexei Mozgovoi’s appeal about assassination attempt on him

7/03/15 — around 17:00, an attempt to blow up Alexei’s car was made at the Mikhailovka checkpoint. Luckily he only suffered light injuries. Soon after the assassination attempt Alexei Borisovich has recorded his appeal. Commentary from Kotaro Kazzura: Now a comment from myself, don’t read it if you kinda don’t have own opinion, don’t know the facts etc. the events happening in Donbass and events that caused them and stuff,

A Serbian Fighter’s Story

Dejan “Deki” Beric is a Serbian volunteer fighter serving with the Novorussia Armed Forces in defense of the Donbass. In this interview with journalist Ivan Maksimovic, Beric, a sniper, explains his motivations and the political atmosphere in his homeland. For centuries now Serbs and Russians have fought alongside one another, and the journey of Beric and other Serbs can be viewed as a continuation of this fraternal bond. Translated by

Very telling video (especially for Islam-haters!)

I recently learned this lesson the hard way, so let me begin with a few caveats: I don’t know where this footage was taken, I don’t know when it was taken, and I don’t know by whom it was taken.  It is identified on YouTube as “Interview with Chechens in Donetsk”.  Except for the only flag I see on the video seems to be a South Ossetian one.  And since