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Just an “honest” mistake this time? Maybe

By now most of you would have heard about the artillery strike on the civilian outskirts of Mariupol. The Nazis blamed the Novorussians, who denied it. Turns out the locals saw it all and even filmed it. Bottom line is this: this appears to be an “honest” mistakes, meaning that the Ukrainians were probably trying to hit the advancing Novorussians but that their salvo came in short (Ukie artillerists do

This is too good to wait for this evening

Remember the Colonel commanding the Ukie forces at the new terminal? The one Motorola agreed to shake hands with. Here he is again, with both Givi and Motorola :-) But this time already as a prisoner!! That should tell you what has been going on over the past 24 hours… More (good) news later tonight The Saker PS: a huge THANK YOU to Colonel Cassad for his fantastic reporting and

Zakharchenko offers to return their flag to the Ukrainians

I like Zakharchenko more and more. First, there was this exchange with a Ukie officer near the : Then Zakharchenko’s men finally took the airport, and Zakharchenko invited Poroshenko to negotiate face to face at the airport. And then there was this – Zakharchenko’s offer to return to the Ukrainians the flag they died under at the last terminal they controlled at the airport: [Note from editor: That video does

Ukraine SITREP November 9th, 22:25 UTC/Zulu: A creeping conflict

There is an interesting word in Russian: вялотекущий.  It can be translated as “creeping” or “sluggish”.  It is composed of the word вяло which means “lethargically”, or “torpidly” or “apathetic” and текущий which means to flow, to progress.  This word comes to my mind when looking at the war in the Ukraine, it is progressing towards some kind of worsening, but it does so in a slouching, slowly creeping way.Novorussian

Something very, very interesting has happened in Novorussia

Something fantastically interesting has happened in Novorussia: two senior Novorussian commanders, Igor Bezler and Alexei Mozgovoi have attempted to communicate with those Ukrainians who are on the other side.Though I am not sure about the exact dates of the events (all I have is the dates of the posting on YouTube), this apparently began when Igor Bezler agreed to be interviewed by three TV crews at the same time: a

What could the next Junta offensive against Novorussia look like?

Dear friends,On July 1st of this year – just before an imminent Ukie attack – I made a short post entitled Novorussia – Hope for the best, prepare for the worst, and settle for anything in the middle in which I was trying to prepare my readers for the possible consequences of a massive Ukrainian assault. Разбор полетов – “after action report” Looking back, I would say that what actually

Ukraine SITREP October 14th, 00:45 UTC/Zulu: Dark clouds over Novorussia

Things decidedly do not look good right now.  Poroshenko has replaced that clown Geletei with a bona fide war criminal Col. Gen. Stepan Poltorak, a far more dangerous and evil character who used to be the commander in chief of the junta’s death squads (aka “national guard”). Stepan Poltarak The fact that Poroshenko would appoint such an odious figure indicates that he is trying to appease the neo-Nazis who are

Ukraine SITREP October 11th, 13:05 UTC/Zulu: no Novorussian “sellout” after all

A few short items about the situation in the Ukraine. First, here is the latest map of the combat situation: (for high res click here) Second, Colonel Cassad is confirming that the Russians are finishing the pipeline which will bring Russian gas to some areas of Novorussia over the course of the upcoming winter.Third, Cassad also confirms that while the voentorg (Russian covert military aid) is currently closed, the Novorussians

Novorussian field commander Givi talks about the Donetsk airport situation

Dear friends, Tonight I want to share two videos with you.  The first one is of a young but very talented Novorussian commander known has “Givi” who is one of the two commanders tasked with securing the Dontesk Airport (the other one being “Motorola”).  In this video Givi explains what that problem is: But, while I am at it, I wanted to share another short video showing Givi being interviewed

A very moving video

The following video has deeply moved me. In a way, it is emblematic of the entire conflict in the (now ex-) Ukraine. It shows the profound simplicity and humanity of one of those combatants whom the AngloZionists and the Nazis in Kiev call “terrorists” and the equally profound in-humanity of those Junta Repression Forces whom we can hear in the background using heavy artillery to indiscriminately murder Novorussian civilians (Novorussian

What the battle for the Donetsk airport reveals about the Ukrainian and Novorussian forces

I hear contradictory reports about the situation of Donetsk airport ranging from “airport 90% in Novorussian hands” to “airport taken”.  Whatever may be the case, I believe that there is a pretty good chance that the Novorussians are correct when they say that airport will be taken this week-end.  I took a quick look at the militarymaps.info site to get the latest report and this is what I saw: There

Of facts, opinion and (mis)-interpretations

This morning a reader brought to my attention a very interesting post by Vladimir Suchan entitled “The Minsk “Ceasefire” Protocol and Russian Diplomacy’s Masterful “Sabotage” which I recommend that you read in its entirety. Suchan quotes a short note of mine where I said the following: “Knowing the degree to which Russian diplomats are normally maniacally fastidious and pedantic with words, I can only conclude that they have deliberately sabotaged

Alexey Mozgovoi: I Will Continue to the End!

from Gleb Bazov’s Slaviangrad website:Against the Oligarchs and False Politicians. For the People. Novorossiya shall be! Oligarchs out! Power to the real, common people! This is our [first] chance in many decades to build an equitable, human and humane society. WITH RESPECT TO STRELKOV HAVING BEEN BETRAYED AND BETRAYAL IN GENERAL. There are so many who did not like what was begun and do not want to push it to

Novorussia – Surrender or victory?

Dear friends, Thanks again to the fantastic work of the Russian Team I can share with you the English translation of an article I find most important at a time when so many commentators and analysts are completely misreading the situation in Novorussia.  This article (translated by Marina and proofread/edited by Alex, John and Michael – thanks guys!) addresses some of the most prevalent arguments used by what I would

Ukrainian ceasefire Q&A/FAQ and RFC

There are so many rumors and opinions about the latest ceasefire for Novorussia agreed between the Novorussian leaders and the Junta reps that I have decided to make a small survey of the issues in the format of a Q&A/FAQ.  I will write up a real analysis next week.  I also will use this opportunity to explain a few thing about what my own personal position is.  So here goes:Q:

Top Novorussian leaders deny reports that either LPR or DPR were prepared to accept continued political unity with the Ukraine

Both Purgin (vice PM) and Zakharchenko (PM) of DPR issued statements flatly denying the mass media reports that either LPR or DPR were prepared to accept continued political unity with Ukraine. Purgin: http://dnr.today/news/pervyj-zampred-pravitelstva-dnr-andrej-purgin-oproverg-soobshhenie-ryada-smi-o-yakoby-gotovnosti-soxranit-edinoe-politicheskoe-prostranstvo-ukrainy/ (in Russian) Zakharchenko: http://www.rusnovosti.ru/news/338737 (in Russian) (thanks to Gleb Bazov for these links!) More about this later. The Saker

Novorussian flag over Saur Mogila (UPDATED!)

what hand amongst the rubblefixed you therebeneath vast spacesof Novorussian skies?left there leaning aloneblue stripe above as the skyred stripe below as the bloodof the fallenflying in the breezecapturing heartswith the silent joyful messageof victory and freedom Prue Benson  Updated version by Vasco de Gama:  

What is the deal with the Ukie “cauldrons”?

A lot of people are wondering what the deal is with the so-called “cauldrons” in which the Ukie forces seem to get surrounded over and over again.  Are the Ukie generals simply stupid, or what is the deal?  I will try to explain.Remember that that Ukie forces are typically “heavy”.  They have lots of tanks, lots of artillery, lost of ammo, lots of soldiers, etc.  At least initially.  They are