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Thinking the Unthinkable: A Lamentation for the State of Israel – Well, Not Exactly

by Roger Tucker The following essay was inspired by a recent article in the Jewish magazine ‘The Tablet’ entitled “Thinking the Unthinkable: A Lamentation for the State of Israel.” A good, well written example of what is fast becoming a genre bemoaning the rapidly disappearing notion held by liberal Zionist Jews that a Jewish State in Palestine could be ‘both Jewish and Democratic.’ Mr. Rosenbaum’s strained but passionate elegy to

A Formal Funeral for the Two-State Solution

by Ali Abunimah for Foreign Affairs via ICHThe Palestinian Authority’s bid to the United Nations for Palestinian statehood is, at least in theory, supposed to circumvent the failed peace process. But in two crucial respects, the ill-conceived gambit actually makes things worse, amplifying the flaws of the process it seeks to replace. First, it excludes the Palestinian people from the decision-making process. And second, it entirely disconnects the discourse about

One Democratic State in Palestine

Introduction by Gilad Atzmon:  Living in a world dominated by relentless Zionist lobbying, I am far from being captivated by the current state of Western democracy. I am not impressed at all by the lethal enthusiasm to democratize the World in the name of ‘moral interventionism’. I am sickened by the murderous zeal that led the USA and Britain into a criminal war that left already more than 1.5 million

The One State Solution sounds like a good idea, but…

Solving the problem of Israel/Palestine isn’t rocket science: the solution is obvious. We just have to get serious about it. A brief history Due to recent events, things are coming to a head in the Middle East. As Israel becomes more belligerent and aggressive, more committed than ever to using overwhelming force as its only answer to a rapidly deteriorating situation, feeling itself even further victimized and becoming ever more

The Case Against Israel’s “Right to Exist”

by Roger Tucker An Open Letter to Representative David Price (D) 4th District, NC As you know, Mr. Price, I was invited to join a group of activists who met with you Monday morning to urge you to take action regarding the siege of Gaza, the Occupation and American support for Israel. I declined to attend because my particular focus is on One State advocacy, and you have made it

Two-state Dreamers: If one state is impossible, why is Olmert so afraid of it?

By Jonathan Cook in Nazareth (from Informationclearinghouse) If the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is one of the world’s most intractable, much the same can be said of the parallel debate about whether its resolution can best be achieved by a single state embracing the two peoples living there or by a division of the land into two separate states, one for Jews and the other for Palestinans. The central argument of the

No room for two states

The case for a single state solution for Palestine is irrefutable By Hassan Nafaa “Al-Ahram” — – -Is there truly hope for the establishment of a viable, sovereign Palestinian state living side-by-side with Israel in peace? Sadly, I doubt it very much, at least in the foreseeable future, in view of current local, regional and international conditions. The creation of a Palestinian state should not be regarded as an end

The end of Israel?

by Hannah Mermelstein, The Electronic Intifada, 19 December 2007 (reprinted with the kind permission of the author and the editors of The Electronic Intifada) I am feeling optimistic about Palestine. I know it sounds crazy. How can I use “optimistic” and “Palestine” in the same sentence when conditions on the ground only seem to get worse? Israeli settlements continue to expand on a daily basis, the checkpoints and segregated road

The One State Declaration

For decades, efforts to bring about a two-state solution in historic Palestine have failed to provide justice and peace for the Palestinian and Israeli Jewish peoples, or to offer a genuine process leading towards them. The two-state solution ignores the physical and political realities on the ground, and presumes a false parity in power and moral claims between a colonized and occupied people on the one hand and a colonizing

The upcoming Annapolis conference: more of the same, only worse

The Israeli elites have for a while already been struggling with a major crisis which really could represent an ‘existential threat’ to the state of Israel. No, not Ahmadinejad’s never spoken words about ‘wiping Israel off the map’ or the non-existing Iranian nuclear weapons program (no member of the IAEA has ever succeeded in developing nuclear weapons), but the demographic time bomb which has been ticking with increased speed since

Joel Bainerman: ‘One State Solution‘ is Best

By Joel BainermanSpecial to PalestineChronicle.com While the One State Solution (OSS) to solving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is typically rejected outright as being a demographic threat to Israel- this approach could very well be the only viable path to solving the conflict. The typical assumption is that if Israel annexed the approximately 1.5 million West Bank Arabs and granted them full Israeli citizenship- within a generation there would be more Arabs