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Time Is Running Out For Pax Americana’s Apologists

By Rostislav Ishchenko original source: http://orientalreview.org/2015/11/11/time-is-running-out-for-pax-americanas-apologists/ The paradox of the current global crisis is that for the last five years, all relatively responsible and independent nations have made tremendous efforts to save the United States from the financial, economic, military, and political disaster that looms ahead. And this is all despite Washington’s equally systematic moves to destabilize the world order, rightly known as the Pax Americana (“American peace”). Since policy

Who is committed to fully investigate MH17 tragedy?

by Oriental Review Source: http://orientalreview.org/2015/10/22/who-is-committed-to-fully-investigate-mh17-tragedy/ The long-awaited Final Report on MH17 crash released by the Dutch Safety Board’ International Commission last week has only left a cold scent in the headlines. The reason is hardly the booming Syrian epic. The Dutch report lacked the substance so vigorously expected by all concerned parties: direct indication to the perpetrator. The legally impeccable statement about Ukraine’s failure to comply with its obligation to