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Tag "Personal message to my friends and readers"

A small reminder and clarification: I am an alien, really :-)

Dear friends, Yesterday one of you made a very perspicacious comment about my views: “You live in Florida, but you could as well have been writing from Neptune or the Moon“.   This is absolutely correct.  In fact, on the old blog, I posted the following little blurb about myself “I am a ‘legal alien’ currently living in the Imperial Homeland“.  Of course, what I mostly meant was that I was

“Submarines in the desert” (as my deepest gratitude to you)

Foreword I have been thinking about writing this post for several months now.  But in a world were everything coming from the heart is misconstrued as some form of posturing, I was frankly afraid to do so.  Also, writing that kind of stuff is not what bloggers do, much less so those who try to run a halfway credible blog.  And yet, every time I got a kind email, a