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Twitter Exhibit A: The U.S. State Department’s Awkward Intentions

by Phil Butler for the Saker Blog Occasionally an analyst and writer gets to really enjoy his or her work. Today is one of those days. At the dawn of Cold War Part Two, and in light of the digital Gulf of Tonkin affair taking off from London, The U.S. State Department hiring idiots is a welcome comedic respite. I am talking about Twitter, and the psychology of social media

RT Television DARES to Challenge the French Intelligentsia!

by Phil Butler for the Saker blog Unprecedented, is the only word to describe the assault on the Russia Today (RT) networks abroad. The U.S. backed liberal world order has declared information jihad at a time when press freedom and truth have never been more vital. Today, let’s look at these “information terrorists” in France, and the role in the EU’s intelligentsia and ministry of truth. Just days after RTTV