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Don’t taser me bro! Don’t touch my junk! Daily life in the Imperial Homeland

Don’t taser me bro! Don’t touch my junk!  These pleas have become the emblematic slogans of life in the US Imperial “Homeland” and they are just the most publicized examples of a far bigger trend: the US is slowly turning into one giant prison. I am not referring here to the fact that the USA has the highest per capita incarceration rate on the planet or to the fact that

Testing the Limits of Freedom of Speech: Ernst Zundel Speaks Out

(thanks to L. for brining this article to my attention – VS) An exclusive interview with one of Europe’s most well-known political prisoners by Kourosh Ziabari for Foreign Policy Journal Ernst Zundel is a German author and historian who has spent seven years of his life behind bars as a result of expressing his controversial viewpoints and opinions. He is a revisionist who has denied the Holocaust as described by

It is sometimes hard to tell Russia and the USA apart

I have been watching the news out of Moscow over the past 24 hours and they make for a rather depressing viewing indeed. No, I am not referring to the two blasts in the Moscow subway system which, of course, are tragic events, but to the rhetoric of the Russian authorities. Listening to the Russian news, I was wondering if the script had been written in Washington, DC. President Medvedev

The US police state & prison system – a reminder

FYI – http://thesaker.is/the-usa-is-fundamentally-uncivilized/ http://thesaker.is/meet-the-american-gulag/ http://vineyardsaker.blogspot.com/2007/09/ahmadinejad-us-big-prison.html I won’t even go into the issues of torture, extraordinary renditions, Guantanamo, Bagram, secret CIA jails worldwide, clearly racist laws, clearly racist sentencing practices, ICE raids, police brutality, deportations, etc. etc. etc. But the readers who actually live in the USA are more than welcome to add their own anecdotes and observations (as always, please feel free to post anonymously). The Saker