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The gullible, useless, clueless and mindless Left

The situation in Iran is volatile and fluid and things could get much worse (there are already reports about Mousavi supporters being arrested with explosives!) and it is way too early to draw some deep conclusions about these events. One thing, however, is absolutely clear: the so-called “Left” showed no common sense, no critical thinking and no analytical capabilities whatsoever. Even the best Leftist websites and commentators (Pepe Escobar, Counterpunch,

Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Narallah: Der Spiegel Report is an Israeli Accusation to Hezbollah

Al-Manar TV reports: After the southern city of Nabatiye, Beirut’s southern suburb marked Resistance and Liberation Day Monday as tens of thousands of people gathered at the impressively organized Raya playground to listen to the speech of Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah. Political, military, security and religious figures also attended the massive ceremony that comes amid an intensifying campaign against Hezbollah including the latest report by the German weekly

The Empire under Obama is as stupid as it was under Dubya

Lately, the USraelian Empire has been in the panic mode. On June 7th, an election will take place in Lebanon. Unsurprisingly, Hezbollah should do very well. And why not? Hezbollah single handedly beat the Israelis, it prevented a coup by the Lebanese “Three Stooges” (Hariri, Jumblatt and Siniora) and it has re-built the areas destroyed by the Israelis in a record time. Obama’s puppeteers understand this and this is why

Qassam Brigades: We’ve Killed 12 Israeli Soldiers Friday

Al-Manar reports: On the 15th day of Israel’s onslaught on the Gaza Strip, the Zionist entity killed more than 806 Palestinians and injured more than 3150 others, yet the goal to break the will of the people and the resistance has been futile. The Israel occupation army has been stunned by the Palestinian resistance’s fighting techniques, capabilities and determination. On Saturday morning, the Quds Brigades, the military wing of the

How Many Divisions?

by Uri Avnery NEARLY SEVENTY YEARS ago, in the course of World War II, a heinous crime was committed in the city of Leningrad. For more than a thousand days, a gang of extremists called “the Red Army” held the millions of the town’s inhabitants hostage and provoked retaliation from the German Wehrmacht from inside the population centers. The Germans had no alternative but to bomb and shell the population

The West Begins to Doubt Georgian Leader

By SPIEGEL ONLINE Staff Five weeks after the war in the Caucasus the mood is shifting against Georgian President Saakashvili. Some Western intelligence reports have undermined Tbilisi’s version of events, and there are now calls on both sides of the Atlantic for an independent investigation. Hillary Clinton looks tired. It is Tuesday of last week as she sits, exhausted, in the United States Senate. Even her outfit, a beige blazer

CNN use footage of Tskhinvali ruins to cover Georgian report

In one of its news bulletins CNN has shown Russian tanks and ruined buildings which they claimed are in the Georgian town of Gori. Russian cameraman of the Russian TV channel, who did the footage in reality in South Ossetian city of Tskhinvali says CNN aired footage of Tskhinvali district close to former Russian peacekeepers headquarters, nearly all of them were killed by Georgians after the footage was made.

Iraqi President Jalal Talabani: Iran sends no weapon to Iraq

Press TV reports: Iraqi President Jalal Talabani has dismissed claims that Iran is sending weapons into his country and called for strong Iran ties. “Those who make such claims against Iran only express their personal views which don’t reflect those of the Iraqi government,” he said in interview with the Al-Arabiya TV on Friday. “I, as the president of Iraq, do not agree with such views,” he added. “Our Iranian

Is the CIA behind the “Free Tibet” campaign?

The Dalai Lama has been on the CIA payroll since the late 1950s. He is an instrument of US intelligence. by Michael Backman (Mathaba News) An understanding of this longstanding relationship to the CIA is essential, particuarly in the light of recent events. In all likelihood US intelligence was behind the protest movement, organized to occur a few months prior to the Beijing Olympic games. Rarely do journalists challenge the

Fantastic stuff in my inbox: meet the folks at “Think-Israel”

I get all sorts of stuff in my inbox, sometimes nice comments, and some hate mail, but not nearly as much as I thought I would get when I started this blog. Sometimes, rarely, I get a real “gem” which makes me happy for a long, long while. Yesterday I got such a gem: an email announcing the new issue of something called Think-Israel. I took a look at the

Hezbollah Didn’t Do Argentine Bombing (updated)

Bush’s Iran/Argentina Terror Frame-Up by GARETH PORTER posted online on January 18, 2008 here: http://www.thenation.com/doc/20080204/porter Research for this article was supported by the Investigative Fund of The Nation Institute. Although nukes and Iraq have been the main focus of the Bush Administration’s pressure campaign against Iran, US officials also seek to tar Iran as the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism. And Team Bush’s latest tactic is to play up a

Iran Intelligence Report: Another Psychological Warfare?

By Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich for Countercurrents.org ‘To subdue an enemy without fighting is the acme of skill…’ – Sun Tzu Under the current administration, it is increasingly difficult to know who the enemy is, but what is certain is that the latest National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) is a brilliantly executed psychological warfare by way of misinformation. This dastardly plan is so devious that even the anti-war groups are jubilant at its

Five Years Later, We Can’t Forgive or Forget

by Stephen Zunes This week marks the fifth anniversary of the congressional vote granting President George W. Bush unprecedented war-making authority to invade Iraq at the time and circumstances of his own choosing. Had a majority of either the Republican-controlled House or the Democratic-controlled Senate voted against the resolution or had they passed an alternative resolution conditioning such authority on an authorization from the United Nations Security Council, all the

The Big Lie: ‘Iran Is a Threat’

by Scott Ritter Iran has never manifested itself as a serious threat to the national security of the United States, or by extension as a security threat to global security. At the height of Iran’s “exportation of the Islamic Revolution” phase, in the mid-1980’s, the Islamic Republic demonstrated a less-than-impressive ability to project its power beyond the immediate borders of Iran, and even then this projection was limited to war-torn

Unmasking AIPAC

“It Doesn’t Get Any Worse Than That, Ray” By William Cook Ray Suarez (PBS News Hour Reporter, October 2, 2007): “You’re saying that the national legislature of this country, rather than doing the will of the citizens of the United States, passed that Iran resolution, sanctioning the Republican Guard, because of the American-Israeli Political Action Committee?” Mike Gravel (Democratic Presidential Candidate): “Wait a second. They’ll (sic) be some information coming

Senior Bush Official: “I hate all Iranians”

By Simon Walters Britsh MPs visiting the Pentagon to discuss America’s stance on Iran and Iraq were shocked to be told by one of President Bush’s senior women officials: “I hate all Iranians.” And she also accused Britain of “dismantling” the Anglo-US-led coalition in Iraq by pulling troops out of Basra too soon. The all-party group of MPs say Debra Cagan, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Coalition Affairs to Defence Secretary

The blog “The Internet Activist” publishes a scorecard of isolating Iran

The blog The Internet Activist has published a very comprehensive report on the US/Israeli efforts to isolate Iran. ——- So how have the US/Israeli efforts to isolate Iran fared around the world? “I think it’s very important for the world to unite with one common voice, to say to the Iranians that, ‘if you choose to continue forward, you’ll be isolated,’ … Let’s work in concert to convince the government

The Lobby is in a panic – look what they are sending out

Dear friends, Take a look at the email I just received: ******* Dear , With the Walt/Mearsheimer book, “The Israel Lobby”, attaining national bestseller status, and the simultaneous release of THE DEADLIEST LIES: The Israel Lobby and the Myth of Jewish Control, the national debate has begun. We have seen your review/mention of THE ISRAEL LOBBY, and we are writing to urge you to consider covering Foxman’s book as well.