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Musings on yesterday’s elections in Iran

Let me begin my saying that I did not follow the campaigns of the four contenders to the post of President of Iran very closely. Nor did I carefully scrutinize their electoral platform. I did have a vague preference for anyone the West would consider a “moderate” (an utterly nonsensical concept) if only because it would make a military aggression on Iran by Israel and/or the USA harder to sell,

Is the CIA behind the “Free Tibet” campaign?

The Dalai Lama has been on the CIA payroll since the late 1950s. He is an instrument of US intelligence. by Michael Backman (Mathaba News) An understanding of this longstanding relationship to the CIA is essential, particuarly in the light of recent events. In all likelihood US intelligence was behind the protest movement, organized to occur a few months prior to the Beijing Olympic games. Rarely do journalists challenge the

Allah’s Psyops: Hezbollah’s issues not so veiled threat on Purim holiday

According to Press TV , Hezbollah’s Deputy Secretary General Sheik Naim Qassem reaffirmed today that the movement has “100 percent solid evidence that Israel had killed martyr Mugniyah“. Interestingly, the Ha’aretz article had a somewhat different rendering of Sheikh Naim Qassem’s words: ” “we have clear proof, of 100 percent that cannot be doubted, that Israel is the head of the assassination” Qassem said there is no basis for the

Venezuela, Argentina Accuse US of Smear Campaign

December 13th 2007, by Chris Carlson for Venezuelanalysis.com Government authorities from both Venezuela and Argentina accused the United States of carrying out a smear campaign against them yesterday after US officials arrested four individuals accused of being agents of the Venezuelan government. US officials alleged that the arrested individuals were involved in trying to cover up an “international scandal” between Venezuela and Argentina, but both countries have rejected the claims.

Iran Intelligence Report: Another Psychological Warfare?

By Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich for Countercurrents.org ‘To subdue an enemy without fighting is the acme of skill…’ – Sun Tzu Under the current administration, it is increasingly difficult to know who the enemy is, but what is certain is that the latest National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) is a brilliantly executed psychological warfare by way of misinformation. This dastardly plan is so devious that even the anti-war groups are jubilant at its