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Putin prevented a war: Why Donbass needs the UN peacekeepers

by Ruslan Hubiev (RoSsi BaRBeRa) exclusively for Regrum translated by Scott Humor   In resolving a conflict in the East of Ukraine there has been a fundamental turn — the President of Russia Vladimir Putin unexpectedly initiated a resolution for the UN Security Council on the deployment of a peacekeeping mission along the demarcation line in the Donbass. What’s behind this far-reaching suggestion? What geopolitical objectives does Moscow plan to

Putin offers Obama a gambit the latter cannot refuse

I have to admit that today’s move by Putin caught me completely off-guard.  My first impression was that by asking the folks in the Donbass to postpone the referendum, Putin was basically tossing aside a valuable bargaining chip.  Even more disturbing was his apparent backing for the upcoming May 25th presidential election.Let me also say, however, that the notion of Putin “caving in” never even crossed my mind if only

A few thoughts on the current events

We are living through some amazing days, a historical moment really, and so much has happened in the last 10 days or so that it is probably too early to give it a full assessment.  As provisional “in the heat of the moment” assessments go, Pepe Escobar, of course, did the best job so far and I highly recommend his recent article “Russian chess move stalls US actions as Al-Qaeda

Obama accepts the Russian gambit

According to the BBC, Obama has decided that the Russian proposal was “a possible Syria resolution”.  Of course, Obama will wrap this is all sorts of caveats, expressions of distrust, threats and warnings, but the bottom line is this: it appears that the momentum for an attack is now fully lost.If you ask me, Putin and/or Lavrov deserve a Nobel Peace Prize for averting this attack (even if another one