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Q&A with readers

Dear friends As promised I am posted our Q&A.  Please don’t be too harsh on me, I recorded it without any prior preparations and, of course, I made a few mistakes here and there.  Also, I recorded that on a loud laptop whose fan you can hear in the background.  So this is hardly a polished recording, but I hope that it will be at least of some interest to

Mikhail Khazin Q&A with the Saker Community

Dear friends, It is a huge pleasure, and honor, for me to present you today with the Q&A between Mikhail Khazin and the Saker Community.  For those who might have missed it, here it is (including a biography of Mr Khazin): http://thesaker.is/exclusive-mikhail-khazin-qa-with-saker-blog-readers/ This was truly a massive effort, not only on the part of Mr. Khazin to whom I am immensely grateful for taking the time to reply in detail

Q&A with the Saker by Controinformazione in Italy

Dear friends, I was recently contacted by Anacronista from the website Controinformazione in Italy and we agreed to do a short Q&A which was published today here in Italian. I am posting the original English text of our exchange below. Cheers, The Saker Anacronista: Today the contrast between Russian and US foreign policies is striking: on one side moderation, common sense, respect for sovereign states; on the other side coups

Ukrainian ceasefire Q&A/FAQ and RFC

There are so many rumors and opinions about the latest ceasefire for Novorussia agreed between the Novorussian leaders and the Junta reps that I have decided to make a small survey of the issues in the format of a Q&A/FAQ.  I will write up a real analysis next week.  I also will use this opportunity to explain a few thing about what my own personal position is.  So here goes:Q:

Replies to the comments posted under “Russia and Islam, part eight: working together, a basic “how-to”

Dear friends,Thanks for your interesting comments!  I will reply to some of the questions which you have put to me: ——- alizard said…“Another way to achieve a consensus and keeping the neutrality of paragraph 13.2, could be considered by looking at the example given lately by Croatia: Hold a referendum and introduce one or several new constitutional articles as safeguards from ‘the plot against civilization’.“The Saker replies:Yes, very good idea.