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State repression in France only makes the Resistance grow stronger

Last November I wrote a piece entitled “Is a new revolution quietly brewing in France?” in which I described struggle which was taking place between the French people and the Zionist plutocracy which has ruled France over the past decades (roughly since 1969) and today I am returning to this topic as events have rapidly accelerated and taken a sharp turn for the worse.  A number of most interesting things

La “quenelle” now in music!! (in French with English subs)

I have recently written about the amazing (and hilarious) scandal taking place in France, and slowly in the rest of Europe, around the “quenelle” (For those of you who missed it, you can get the background info here).  I will spare you all the recent political developments, but let’s just say that the anti-quenelle hysteria and that the French Minister of Internal Affairs is considering making the gesture illegal (he

“Quenelle panic” in the Israeli press

Guys, this is too funny, I have to repost the full Ynet article below.  Thanks to “anonymous” for giving me the URL to this typical case of what Gilad Atzmon would call a “pre-traumatic stress disorder” :-)Enjoy the hilarious article,Cheers,The Saker——-Neo-Nazi symbol spreads in Europe Modern ‘Hitler salute’ gaining momentum among anti-Semites, who pose for pictures in sensitive sites worldwide and in Israel, including alongside IDF soldiers who are unaware