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A few minor things

Dear friends Quick reminder: we are about to freeze the blog and announce how/where to download the archive from.  I expect the details posted here on Tuesday. I want J.B. to know that I got everything he sent me. Also, FYI – at the end of March I will close down this address for me: Saker Analytics, LLC, 1000 N. West Street, Suite 1200 #1588, Wilmington, DE, USA 19801.  If

Quick update on the war in the Ukraine

The Ukrainians fired a Tochka-U missile at a port where three large landing ships were offloading their freight, the Tochka-U was intercepted by Russian air defenses, but its parts did enough to start a major fire on one of the ships whom the Russians decided to sink in the port to avoid a detonation of the ammo it carried.  This is the first Ukrainian strike which we can consider as

Quick update on the Russian ultimatum

A few quick facts. The Chinese Foreign Ministry has officially given its support to Russia: “China believes that in the current environment, Russian proposals are in line with the basic norms of international relations, help to increase mutual trust between countries, reduce the risk of conflicts, and uphold global and regional strategic stability“ The Russian diesel-electric submarine Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskii has just fired a 3M14 Kalibr from a submerged position in the

Short Armenia vs Azerbaijan war update

As was predicted by many, in spite of the agreement signed in Moscow, things on the ground in the war between Armenia and Azerbaijan have escalated: the Armenians have claimed that Azeri drones have attacked Armenian tactical ballistic missiles on Armenian soil and the Azeris have confirmed this, saying that this was both a warning and a preemptive attack to protect Azeri civilians. Bottom line is this: Azerbaijan has now