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Iran at 39 years old: drones in Israel (?), trade with Europe, calm on the streets

by Ramin Mazaheri for The Saker Blog The Iranian Revolution turned 39 on February 11. It’s about time to get married! At least that’s what people tell me – I recently turned 40. “Married to the revolution” is indeed a good description for Iranian society at 39…but the fullness of Iran’s marital bliss is a 100% domestic issue – after all, nobody knows what goes on behind a couple’s closed

What is Venezuela’s Petro? It’s socialism to bitcoin’s rescue

by Ramin Mazaheri for The Saker Blog The simplest way to answer that question is: The Petro is a bond sale for foreign investors, with the proceeds going to pay the infrastructure costs required to implement the first-ever mass national adoption of crypto-currency. Now that is a government taking on “good debt”, unlike the West’s banker bailouts…. It should be no surprise that Venezuela will be the first to unleash

Eurozone officially achieves ‘Lost Decade’ – media refuses to admit it

by Ramin Mazaheri for The Saker Blog With the recently released data that the Eurozone’s 2017 growth rate was 2.5%, the Eurozone has officially achieved a “lost decade”: its average annual growth rate from 2008 to 2017 was 0.6%. Wow…that’s bad. That’s even worse than “Japan Lost Score” bad. Japan’s two “lost decades” both actually surpassed the Eurozone’s recent performance: Japan 1991-2000: 1.4% growth rate. Japan 2001-2010: 0.7% growth rate.

The end of French artistry: ‘Labor capitalism’ comes to France in 2018

by Ramin Mazaheri for the Saker blog The French don’t want to think of themselves as miniature capitalists: they want to think of themselves as artists. Or at least artisans. And many of them are, but the calculating technocratic mindset cannot even conceive of what it means to truly be an “artisan” at anything. The calculating capitalist mindset might be capable of thinking of what art he or she could

Iran protests: Reply to the WSWS response to my critique

by Ramin Mazaheri for the Saker blog I would like extend my thanks and appreciation to the World Socialist Web Site for publishing a response to my critical analysis of their coverage of the recent economic protests in Iran. I think readers appreciate open dialogue between journalists. Open dialogue is the foundation of diplomacy, and thus also the foundation of politics. Dialogue means increasing understanding – not bickering – and

WSWS on Iran protests: Good leftists going bad at the worst time, again

by Ramin Mazaheri for the Saker blog When perhaps the top daily-news leftist website – the World Socialist Web Site – has the phrase “brutally exploited Iranian working class” in their first sentence, something is clearly out of balance. Because if Iran’s working class is “brutally” mistreated, then what is the working class in, say, the United States? Do they call it the “astronomically, incredibly, stupendously, racially exploited US working

Iran protests: Western salivation, agitation & desperation

by Ramin Mazaheri for the Saker blog I am on vacation and trying to stay away from politics to recharge my batteries, but a sane voice on Iranian politics in English is almost impossible to find, so…. Despite the Western media’s slobbering at the minor protests in Iran, there is no need to fear that Iranian democracy is about to “fall”. Allow me to get right to the heart of

Iran’s 1979 revolution picked up the People’s torch first lit in 1917 Russia

[Note by the Saker: I am posting this article with great reservations since I believe that, will all due respect, my friend Ramin fundamentally misunderstand the nature of the Bolshevik ideology and the reality of the motives behind the Bolshevik policies following their seizure of power in 1917.  I also believe that Ramin has a completely wrong understanding of the Christian view of power and I therefore, with Ramin’s authorization,

France’s Lafarge Co. ‘going through a tough time’ after proof they worked with terrorists in Syria

by Ramin Mazaheri That headline leaves out the biggest bombshell: Per court testimony leaked in September, France’s Foreign Ministry knew all about Lafarge’s collaboration with terrorists in Syria and repeatedly encouraged them to do so. Many are assuming that future court inquiries will discover that the France’s Foreign Ministry and national spy services provided more than just moral support. Since the story broke in June 2016 the story just gets

Bitcoin hits $10,000 – as grandpa buys in, leftists say: ‘What’s bitcoin?’

by Ramin Mazaheri for the Saker blog Some are talking of “fear and euphoria” in the crypto-currency world, but what’s to fear? Last month Bitcoin’s multi-year existential crisis was surprisingly resolved with only a couple days of panicking. In short, those who wanted to implement technological changes to make Bitcoin more of an everyday currency and less of a stable store of value – lost. The losers threw a tantrum,

Snipers at Ukraine’s Maidan confess to shooting both sides in Italian report ignored by MSM

by Ramin Mazaheri for the Saker blog How much of the current Russophobia campaign is to detract from the outrageous far-right regime Barry Obama installed in Ukraine? Certainly, if this wave of anti-Semitism – excuse me, Russophobia – was not clouding everything involving that region of the world, Ukraine’s chaos would necessarily receive more attention. So even though protecting the US Democratic Party’s domestic standing is probably the primary goal,

‘Iranian Islamic Socialism’ to the rescue of quake victims, again, and I have pictures

by Ramin Mazaheri for The Saker Blog Iran has recently been the epicentre of the deadliest quake of 2017. Over 530 Iranians died, along with 7 people over the border in Iraq. In medieval times Iran was the “crossroads of caravans”, just as in the near future it will be the crossroads of China’s “One Belt, One Road” socialist economic stimulus program. Iran is also, unfortunately, the crossroads of 3

‘Transgender Bathrooms are the Selma of My Generation!’ – Reader Mail

by Ramin Mazaheri I must admit that I have only ever read just one article on transgender bathrooms – it seemed like such a minor issue that I didn’t see the need to follow it. There are only so many hours in the day, and I prefer to report on anti-imperialist and pro-socialist issues. It certainly seems like a fair assumption that many other journalists and activists in the West

Forced recession as a tool of social war against the 99%

by Ramin Mazaheri If you don’t already understand that headline, you are missing the primary goal of neoliberal capitalism over the past nearly 40 years. Stop assuming the 1% wants growth economies…please. Just stop. The 1%’s interest is only in supporting the “keep all I got” model. Accept this as a rule and you are halfway to enlightenment, and you will pierce the technocratic lie that “economics is too hard

Spain & the EU’s ‘Oriental despotism’ is legitimizing Catalonia as a leftist cause

by Ramin Mazaheri The ultimate problem with Catalonia is that they aren’t trying to secede from the European Union. Now that would be something which the non-Spanish left could really rally around, during this ongoing age of Brussels-imposed poverty. For so long this seemed like a fake crisis – a distraction – but the new reality is: a huge crisis could explode now, due to a massively authoritarian/capitalist response from

The English-speaking world’s fear of calling communism, ‘communism’

by Ramin Mazaheri In many ways this fear is justified: communism is a dirty word in the English culture. I recall getting my copy of “International Socialist Review” mailed to me in the United States – it arrived with a brown paper wrapper, the same as pornography. (Please note: American mailing practices for pornography have been gleaned solely from second-hand information, of course, so I may be mistaken on this

The Eurozone has likely entered its final calendar year, contraction coming

by Ramin Mazaheri The historical trend of the euro and its previous incarnations has followed this historical pattern, when we take a leftist view: The Eurozone is dominated by France and Germany; France wants an end to austerity and to promote growth policies bloc-wide; Germany wants more austerity to maintain its dominant financial position; Germany, Washington’s Frankenstein Monster – whose violence stems not from parental and societal rejection but unfeeling

Reporting from Korea during the 2013 ‘crisis’: 5 key facts the West ignores

by Ramin Mazaheri In 2013 my bosses in Tehran sent me to Seoul, and I felt quite courageous: just like today, Seoul was about to be ground zero for thermonuclear war. And then – as we all know from the movie – the radioactive blast would awaken a very grumpy Godzilla. I was sent because my bosses weren’t too pleased with my young colleague, who seemed to be more concerned

The Eurozone: still as primed for collapse as ever

by Ramin Mazaheri To best gauge the stability of the Eurozone today, an appropriate way to start is to reassess how the Eurozone responded to their last crisis. In 2012 the European Sovereign Debt Crisis peaked, and European Central Bank chief Mario Draghi resorted to the same tactics as Mike Ditka, the legendary American football coach for the Chicago Bears. But both promised to do: “Whatever it takes”. Ditka made