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Leaked: Smith College memo demands workers admit White privilege

by Ramin Mazaheri for the Saker Blog As a daily reporter, columnist and author it seems I have developed a reputation for unparalleled bravery in exposing truths which the 1% want to keep hidden. That is the only reason I can think of to explain why an anonymous whistleblower chose me to release this shocking internal memo from embattled Smith College. The memo demands that their White workers, “admit to

Democrats wage ‘World Anti-Fascist War I’, don’t know it’d be ‘WAFW II’

by Ramin Mazaheri and cross-posted with PressTV For four years American Democrats have taken hugely brave stances on places like Facebook, Reddit and Twitter. What enormous personal risks they took. What fortitude they showed when they sat on couches and cheered the marches on the other side of town. Galvanised by these victories in solitary living rooms across the country, Democrats were absolutely certain of a “Blue Wave” from the

Iran at 42: Keeper of mankind’s anti-imperialist flame amid the ‘end of history’

by Ramin Mazaheri and cross-posted with PressTV At 42 years the Iranian Islamic Revolution has endured so long that it has seen the reactionary force which rose to counter it – Reaganism – partially defeated by a new faction: Trumpism. With the return to power – via Joe Biden – of the three decade-long Clintonista ideology Iran hasn’t lasted so very long as to witness a total sea change in

Democrats’ ‘divide and conquer’ Senate show trial may jeopardize duopoly

by Ramin Mazaheri and PressTV Much ink could be spilled about the upcoming, and second, Senate impeachment trial of Donald Trump, but that would be a waste of ink – the trial has nothing to do with social justice or patriotism and everything to do with aggravating political divisions for elites’ gain. We could say it’s just “politics as usual”, but only if: the “True Rate of Unemployment” wasn’t pushing

Which nation will US Democrats try to destroy in the next 4 years?

by Ramin Mazaheri (@RaminMazaheri2) and cross-posted with PressTV John Kennedy’s “Camelot” was a magical time for US leftists. Too bad its promise was not fully realised – his attempted armed overthrow of the Cuban Revolution failed to return Washington’s fascist allies to power. It’s so interesting how Lyndon Baines Johnson was brought down by mass protests which were not equaled until Donald Trump. The difference is that the anti-LBJ protests

US post-Capitol: Armed, hysterical, depressed & yet out for blood

by Ramin Mazaheri (@RaminMazaheri2) for the Saker Blog The FBI says armed protests are being planned in all 50 states from January 16 until Joe Biden’s inauguration day on January 20. It’s a living nightmare in the US right now – what else can be said? “Hysteria” is the one word which described the United States in 2020, but in 2021 we are witnessing what happens when a hysterical sprinter

Biggest threat to global leftism returns to power: US fake-leftism (1/2)

by Ramin Mazaheri (@RaminMazaheri2) for the Saker Blog It was an interesting ride, at least, but the Electoral College’s vote for Joe Biden marks the definitive end of the Donald Trump presidency. Trump was somebody you could never support in a vacuum, only by comparison; there’s nothing wrong with a united Europe but not this American-penned, neoliberal version, so it’s clear why Britain chose Brexit; France has long been the

This week in the US: The ‘model nation’ for no nation anymore

by Ramin Mazaheri and cross-posted with PressTV As this article is on the verge of publication the United States Capitol has been occupied by protesters on the day of Electoral College’s presidential vote. It’s very exciting stuff, certainly, but an insatiable craving for excitement seems to have long been a major flaw of Western culture. Few people are as guilty of greedily loving the short-term sugar high of daily news

Alleged Nashville bomber not Muslim: Western media disappointed

by Ramin Mazaheri (@RaminMazaheri2) and crossposted with PressTV. The entire world breathed a sigh of relief when it turned out that the alleged Nashville, Tennessee, bomber was not a Muslim – now nobody can get dragooned into supporting yet another war on a Muslim-majority country. Isn’t it spectacular how after 9/11 the US impressed almost the entire West into never-ending military service? Western piracy in Afghanistan continues today; Iraq was

Biden won? 2016-2020 showed what the US does to even mild reformers

by Ramin Mazaheri and cross-posted with PressTV What the four-year epoch of Donald Trump has made staggeringly clear to non-Americans is that no one – not even a democratically-elected American – will be able to even moderately alter the US capitalist-imperialist foreign policy trajectory without undergoing a no-holds barred attack aimed at bringing that person down. What the election of Joe Biden (although “installation” is clearly more accurate) shows is

Mess with Texas via mail-in ballot? States secede from presidential vote

by Ramin Mazaheri and cross-posted with PressTV The United States corporate-dominated media has found that the easiest way to shape news coverage on the scores of legal challenges to the 2020 presidential election is to only report on them when the cases have lost. After all, the more newspaper inches given to objective discussions of widespread voter fraud allegations equals the more chances an average American starts to think the

Trump declares civil war for voter integrity in breaking (or broken) USA

by Ramin Mazaheri and crossposted with PressTV The idea that Donald J. Trump could be (even the guy cleaning up behind the horse of) a white knight acting in favor of integrity is laughable, hypocritical and certainly controversial, but that is what a disaster United States political culture truly is. The man who has been nationally lampooned as a rich buffoon and denigrated as a real estate shark for decades

80% of US partisan losers think the last 2 elections were stolen

by Ramin Mazaheri and crossposted with PressTV That’s a shocking headline, but true: Many are aware that 90% of Republicans currently agree that Joe Biden “did not legitimately win the election” due to vote fraud, but how many remember that as late as 2018 70% of Democrats believed that “Russia tampered with vote tallies in order to help Donald Trump get elected president”. The latter has far far less credibility

Iranians: The people the West are allowed to assassinate

by Ramin Mazaheri and crossposted with PressTV The recent assassination of Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh – and the total silence regarding any sanctions on those who illegally played judge, jury, invader and executioner – reminds us how very unique Iranians are: Iranians are the people whom Westerners feel they are legitimately allowed to assassinate. The citizens of which other country get so shamefully and shockingly assassinated by Westerners with

The 4-year (neoliberal) radicalisation of US media & Bidenites’ ‘unradical radicalism’

By Ramin Mazaheri and cross-posted with PressTV For four years The New York Times editorial page has been unreadable because into every column – no matter the subject – an anti-Trump diatribe was inserted. For the world’s many billions who think there actually are issues other than the president of the United States, their obsession was incredibly tedious. It reminded me of how the World Socialist Web Site ends every

Where’s Donald? When 40% of voters cry ‘fraud’ you’ve got a big problem

By Ramin Mazaheri for The Saker Blog and cross-posted with Press TV I think everybody would like 2020 to be over, and that we’d all like the US election to be over, but journalists shouldn’t stop accurately reporting just because the news is unpleasant. “Breaking news: Plane lands safely!” It just doesn’t work that way in life or journalism. We can’t give out participation medals and say it doesn’t really

‘Bidenism’ domestically: no free press, no lawyer, one-party state? (2/2)

by Ramin Mazaheri and cross-posted with PressTV For months the United States’ corporate-dominated media has terrified everyone with promises of right-wing militias taking to the streets, but here’s the thing: the pressures currently being put on 70 million Trump supporters is exponentially raising the possibility of that actually occurring, not reducing it. It is ghastly illuminating to see just how quickly – and with such disregard for modern human rights

CNN’s Jake Tapper: The foreman/overseer keeping all journalists in line (1/2)

By Ramin Mazaheri and cross-posted with PressTV CNN anchorman Jake Tapper is one of the most widely-seen journalists in the United States, and a recent tweet of his revealed just how very much careerism it takes to climb the ladder so high. As the US mainstream media continued its unconstitutional and absurd insistence that both the presidential election is over and that discussion around it must cease, a miffed Tapper

A 2nd term is his if he really wants it, but how deep is Trump’s ‘Trumpism’?

by Ramin Mazaheri and crossposted with PressTV The United States repeatedly has the worst elections of all the Western core democracies. That’s not “Iranian meddling” but Harvard and their 2019 Electoral Integrity Index. They ranked US elections just 57th in the world. One wonders how much further they will fall in this year’s ranking? If we honestly ask if American elections have integrity I think everyone has the same answer,

US partitioned by 2 presidents: worst-case election scenario realized

by Ramin Mazaheri and crossposted with PressTV It’s impossible for the US presidential election to have gone worse for the empire: America now has two presidents. That can’t be denied, yet their mainstream media is spinning like mad the idea that there is no problem: The election is over and that Democrat Joe Biden is the president-elect. This is likely a biased view, but it’s certainly terrible journalism. Journalists have