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Comments section reform – request for comments

Dear friends, As promised, I am now sharing with you the reasons which prompted my decision to initiated a reform the comments section and the solutions I am thinking of.  Most importantly, I ask for your input as this should be a community-wide discussion. But first, sorry, I need to vent.  There are a few things which I have mentioned in the past, but I feel that I need to

Saker request for comment, suggestions + a poll and “ESSENTIAL SAKER” on free download!

Dear friends, Lots of thing on my mind today which I need to share with you.  But first, for starters, the good news: I have made my book “The Essential Saker: from the trenches of the emerging multipolar world” now available for unlimited free download!  Not only that, but I am releasing it under the Creative Common License BY-NC-ND which means that you are allowed (encouraged even!) to copy and

A few questions worth looking into

Dear friends,I am still sick, so I cannot write much, but I am listening to interviews and reading analytical reports.  I have a couple of questions I would love to get answers to:1) did the Ukie ATC ever explain why MH17 was told to take a route to the north of the normal route and at a lower altitude?2) does anybody know if the transponder of MH17 continued working up

How I will deal with unverifiable stories from now on

Okay, I carefully read all your comments and have come to something of a conclusion.First, almost everything I post in unverified and often unverifiable.  Which compares advantageously with the main stream media which deliberately lies and whose reporter and editors simply don’t care about the truth.Second, I really don’t feel like singling out one story or source for the typical “this is an unconfirmed report” or the like like the

An important question about the veracity of the info coming out of Novorossia.

When I posted the translation of the Ukrainian Successors to Hitlerite Wehrmacht Rape and Murder in Saurovka  Message from Fyodor Berezin, Igor Strelkov’s Deputy” I knew that I was doing something risky which would raise some eyebrows and, sure enough, it did.  Here are two examples of such reactions: Too far. Way too far.  Ukie Nazis cutting men to pieces alive, keeping women so they can rape them, killing each

Request for comments about my moderation policy

Dear friends, I have decided to take the opportunity of a lull in my Sunday afternoon to seek your advice as to what to do about my comments policy.After quite a few years of relative obscurity, this blog has seen a sudden and massive explosion in readership.  For years I was getting about 1000 visitors per week, now it regularly gets over 20’000 visitors per day from literally all over