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Are Russian diplomats being assassinated? (UPDATED)

Since the death of Vitaly Churkin I see more and more speculations that Russian diplomats are being killed (example here and here)  This is exceedingly unlikely and I consider these speculations to be based on ignorance and a form of “clickbaiting”.  Here is why: So four senior Russian diplomats have died in one month.  Considering how many diplomats Russia has worldwide, this hardly a tsunami. They died in Ankara (murder),

A Russian military intervention in Syria? I very much doubt it

The Internet is flooded with rumors about a Russian military intervention in Syria.  It all began with an article by Thierry Meyssan in Voltaire Net and now this rumor made it to Zero Hedge.  Finally, the Israeli website Ynet also joined the rumor mill.  Here are the two main assertions made by these sources: Russia has just created a Russo-Syrian Commission and has begun supplying weapons, sharing intelligence, and sending

Rumors about Putin

I am getting a deluge of email asking me about Putin’s health. Like I am his personal doctor of something :-) Well, of course I am not.  And to the great disappointment to those who think that I am on the Kremlin’s payroll, I am not.  I am not even linked to the Russian security services.  So, alas, I have no special information about Putin. However, I did check a

Still totally misreading Moscow on Syria

A much quoted article of the Moscow Times says the following: Russia is preparing to send Marines to defend its naval base in Syria amid continued unrest in the Arab state, Interfax reported Monday, citing a Navy source.  The information confirms reports in Russian and Western media Friday. No, in fact it does not, as shown by the very next sentence: Two large troop transport vessels and a rescue tugboat