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Magomed Tolboev warned Eric Schultz against copying Russian pilots

by Scott Humor As a cautionary illustration of the famous saying that “Что Русскому здорово, то Немцу смерть” or What’s healthy for a Russian would kill a German. Or an American, in this case. On September 8th, a pilot was killed in a plane crash at the Groom Lake, the USAF’s secret test base deep in the NTTR also referred as the Nevada Test and Training Range by the Air

The only force standing

by Scott Humor The only force standing between peace and hell on earth is the Russian military in Syria Russian and Saudi FMs clash over Syria & Iran “We would like to put an end to Iran’s involvement in the region,” the Saudi FM said. Russia’s Foreign Minister countered this view, noting that Iran, as well as Hezbollah, are operating in Syria on President Bashar Assad’s official request. “We don’t

Interview with Lieutenant-General Valerii Ochirov (MUST SEE!)

Dear friends, I am absolutely delighted to share a most interesting interview with you: a conversation with Valerii Ochirov, a Hero of the Soviet Union, a Lieutenant-General of the Soviet Air Force and commander of a helicopter squadron in Afghanistan.  The reason why I asked Alena Scarecrow to subtitle this interview is that I wanted you to see the kind of person which today you would find flying for the