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Россия не Европа (Russia is not Europe) – an example through Music

Two days ago I posted an article entitled “Yes, Russia is *still* ready for war – even nuclear war” in which I wrote the following: “my daughter always laughs that Russian songs are all about only three topics: love, the Motherland and war.  She is right.  War and everything it represents in an integral part of the Russian culture as is sacrificing your life for the Motherland“.  Yesterday my daughter

From Napoleon to Adolf Hitler to Conchita Wurst

The EU met again and, with the Greek vote, they prolonged more sanctions on Russia. In the meantime, the EU-backed junta is continuing to kill scores of civilians in Novorussia every day. And while for “Charlie”, we saw millions in the streets, nobody seems to care. Worse, the EU is backing the Nazis murderers (I won’t even mention the USA). This is tragic in more then one way. Of course,