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In Syria, Russia Defends Civilization – the West Sides with Barbarism

This article was written for The Duran: http://theduran.com/syria-russia-defends-civilisation-west-sides-barbarism/ The recent Russian concert in Palmyra was an event loaded with symbolism.  While it was the Syrians who liberated this ancient city and while the Russian only provided support, this support was crucial and, besides, it was not just Palmyra which Russia saved, but the Syrian nation.  I would even argue that the Russians in Palmyra saved not just Syria, but all of civilization. Imagine you are

‘Praying for Palmyra’: Russian orchestra performs concert honoring victims of Syria war

Note: this concert took place in the same location where Daesh used to film mass execution.  When listening to this amazing music, please remember that this is what was taking place here when the AngloZionist backed Takfiri crazies controlled the place: This contrast powerfully illustrates what the AngloZionist Empire stands for and what Russia stands for.  Hence the conflict of civilizations we are witnessing today. The Saker