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Quietly American Foreign Office Having Dialogue with Damascus and Mouallem off to Moscow.

By Nahed Hatter Al Akhbar 5 August 2105 Translated by Ghassan Kadi and Intibah Kadi. The regional and international scene looks like a kaleidoscope of colours in a fantasy painting. However, this is what is currently happening in between two phases and two regional regimes. After the major two powers reached an agreement and the American-Iranian plus the Russian-Saudi talks about the new regional Middle Eastern order took place, the

The recent Kerry-Lavrov agreement – discussion part III (UPDATED!)

Before I begin this third installment of our collective analysis of the Kerry-Lavrov agreement I would ask everybody who has not already done so to first visit the blog of Alexander Mercouris and check out his excellent analysis of this agreement here: http://mercouris.wordpress.com/2013/09/15/the-lavrov-kerry-agreement/.  Since Alexander’s reply to my initial analysis is the longest one I will also begin by replying to what he wrote.  I will then turn to the

The recent Kerry-Lavrov agreement – discussion part II

I want to begin this post by sincerely thanking everybody who has contributed comments to the topic of the recent Kerry-Lavrov agreement.  This is an important moment in the Syrian conflict and, I would even argue, possibly a crucial moment in US-Russian relations, and to have differences of opinion on this issue is not only normal, it is inevitable.  One way or another, this agreement will have momentous consequences because

Lavrov blunders in Geneva and accepts an ambiguous and possibly dangerous deal

So Kerry and Lavrov did end up hammering out a deal on Syria.  I won’t go into the specifics here,  but I want to focus on what is the single most important issue at stake: the risk of US aggression against Syria.  And here, the picture is murky at best.First the BBC had a headline saying “US to drop military threat“.  But then in another article posted just a few