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On the role and importance of PSYOPs for the SMO (warning – long discussion!)

Introduction: the proverbial “fog of war” vs the Internet Listening to all the innumerable opinions and news (the latter mostly fake) about what happened in the past days in the Ukraine, I am getting the feeling that I am observing to quasi non-connected worlds.  The first world is the purely military world and in that world a rather minor incident happened. In this world, it is even possible that the

Update on the Ukrainian attack towards Kupiansk (and some week-end music)

I am probably going to regret doing this, but I will do it anyway (sigh):  I will post maps.  In fact, I am going to do this three times! First, a video of the Ukrainian advances since their counter-attack: (no sound) Second, here is a map to give you a closer look: And finally a Google map of the area with the actual distance between Balakleia and Kupiansk indicated: So

Some *very* basic stuff about Russian defenses in the SMO

Yesterday I posted a short SITREP about the Ukrainian offensive on Balakleia.  And, sure enough, there are 72 comments on this already!  Many of them show a total misunderstanding of the nature of the SMO (it was a mistake for me to post a map which, obviously, most people cannot make sense of!). So all I propose to do today is to explain something really basic about the concept of

The 2nd phase of the Russian SMO + personal note

Dear friends While there are not official confirmations (that I know of) from the Russian military, it appears that Lavrov is the first, and so far only, Russian official who declared that the 2nd phase of the operation has begun.  Truth be told, pretty much everybody else thinks likewise.  Considering the intensity of Russian bombings and artillery strikes overnight, which were reported by numerous sources, it certainly appears reasonable to

Day 50 of the SMO – are things becoming clear(er)? (UPDATED 2x)

So now we are 50 days into this Special Military Operation (SMO) and right in between the end of the first phase and the beginning of the second one.  So I want to begin by list a few things which were unclear/ambiguous/misunderstood and which now are becoming clear(er): There is this saying “no plan survives the first contact with the enemy” which I would even expand to “no plan survives

Day 49 of the Russian SMO – a few notes on the propaganda war (UPDATED! 2x)

Dear friends, First, I want to point you to an excellent analysis by Bernhard at Moon of Alabama entitled “U.S. Military Intelligence Official Refutes ‘Russian Atrocities’ Claims“. So we can now “officially consider” the Bucha false flag as an “official flop” :-) Next, I want to point you to Andrei Martyanov‘s commentary on what happened to the missile cruiser Moskva he simply titled “About RKR Moskva“. Please read both of

Russian SMO: day 47 “crazies in the basement” and a poem

Today let’s begin with this news item today: Seven-in-Ten Americans Now See Russia as an Enemy Attitudes toward NATO increasingly positive. You got to love the “logic” of these folks! Russia intervenes in a country which neighbors Russia, thousands of miles away, and the US Americans see that as a threat to the USA.  And nevermind that the USA is the country which forced Russia into this war which the

Day 36 of the Russian SMO in the Ukraine – a look at Ukrainian military

Today, I want to comment on a topic I did not address yet: the quality of the Ukrainian armed forces. Over night, two Ukrainian helicopters flying at very low altitude and high speed flew across the Russian-Ukrainian border, and in only six minutes of flight time found themselves next to a fuel storage facility near the Russian city of Belgorod.  They both fired, one missed, but the second one hit

Day 35 of the Russian SMO in the Ukraine – a “naysayers special”!

How many of you remember the endless stream of warnings that “Putin works for Schwab” or “Putin is in bed with Netanyahu”, he will “sell out the Donbass” and he is “bluffing” about sanctions. Then came the ultimatum.  They dismissed it. Then came the Special Military Operation (SMO).  They dismissed it. Then came the news that Russia would sell gas to hostile states only in Rubles.  They dismissed it. See,

Russian SMO in the Ukraine – Day 34

Lot’s of good stuff to share with you today.  So let’s begin First, the misunderstandings resulting from an absolutely terrible public information policy explaining the reality of what is being negotiated between the Ukraine and Russia has resulted in a massive “NIET!” from the Russian public opinion.  There is a Russian saying “нет худа без добра” which can roughly be translated as “even a bad situation can have a silver

Russian Special Military Operation (SMO) – Day 33

Dear friends, First, a quick announcement – I have agreed with a Russian speaking reader to have a SITREP about the Russian Special Military Operation (SMO) every 2nd day. Here is the first one: http://thesaker.is/sitrep-operation-z/ (make sure to check it out!!!) Please drop by and give us your feedback, suggestions, criticisms, etc.! Second, there is a true panic going through the Russian society.  It is due to the talk happening