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The city of Soledar has been liberated by the Wagner PMC

This “news” was weeks in the making, but this time it is official: the city of Soledar has been liberated by the Wagner PMC (with Russian Airborne Forces blocking the city from the North and South).  Why did it take so much time? First, just as the regular armed forces, the Wagner PMC engages in economy of force tactics, meaning that they try to keep their own casualties to the

Is NATO falling apart?

Something quite amazing has just happened.  Following the terrorist attack in Ankara which killed 34 people and injured another 125, Turkish authorities first declared that they will not accept US condolences.  Then the Turks launched a military operation against “Kurdish terrorists in northern Syria“.  Turkey then claimed to have neutralized 184 terrorists. What is not mentioned in those articles is that the target of the Turkish strike was the US-run

A few headlines about civilizational values and some week-end music

As I now often do, I like to open the discussion with a few headlines: German man fined over letter ‘Z’ Romanian defense minister resigns after Ukraine comments RT suspends host after ‘disgusting’ remarks about Ukrainian children Let’s take a closer look. In the first case, we have the “Western value” what is usually known as “freedom of speech” which is something which only exists in the AngloZionist Hegemony (at

Some *very* basic stuff about Russian defenses in the SMO

Yesterday I posted a short SITREP about the Ukrainian offensive on Balakleia.  And, sure enough, there are 72 comments on this already!  Many of them show a total misunderstanding of the nature of the SMO (it was a mistake for me to post a map which, obviously, most people cannot make sense of!). So all I propose to do today is to explain something really basic about the concept of

Western ruling elites have Dariia Dugina’s blood on their hands

The murder of Dariia Dugina triggered the now quite predictable reaction from the collective West: total indifference.  This is hardly something new.  The West not only put a Nazi regime in power in Kiev, it supported it by all means possible while that regime did all of the following: Used its armed forces in an internal civil war, which is (was?) banned under the Ukrainian constitution which resulted in about

Sabotage, terrorist and other diversionary attacks are a real risk for Russia (+addendum)

Interesting news two days in a row.  First, the Russian MoD did conclude that the explosions at the Russian airfield in Crimea were the result of a diversionary operation (I use the term “diversionary” in the Russian sense of “diversiia” meaning sabotage/wrecking).  And today, the Russians have announced that they have arrested two employees of the Zaporozhiie nuclear plant (one guard and one engineer!) who were providing the Ukrainians with

Will the Ukraine be partitioned next and, if so, how?

Interesting info today.  First, the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service has, through the statement of a Colonel General, made the following statement (translated by my friend Andrei Martyanov on his blog): (emphasis added) Translation: MOSCOW, August 16 – RIA Novosti. Western curators have practically written off the Kyiv regime and are already planning the partition of Ukraine, Foreign Intelligence Service spokesman Colonel-General Volodymyr Matveev said at the Moscow Conference on International

One month into the Russian special operation in the Ukraine

The Beast woke up in pitch darkness And the price was named to God. Everybody has caved in – even our brothers in Christ, Everything has caved in – but not my country. (translated lyrics from the song “Donbass is with us”) First, the official version First, here is a machine translated summary of events following one month of combat operations as posted by Boris Rozhin (aka Col. Cassad): 1.

Russian special military operation in the Ukraine – Day 19

The big news of the day is that the Russian forces finally decided to, shall we say, change pace, and by all accounts the intensity of the artillery, aerial bombing and missile barrage which hit the Ukie forces in the town of Avdeevka was absolutely unprecedented and following this barrage the LDNR forces broke through 8 kilometers of just about the most heavily defended sectors in the entire theater or

Three important missile strikes (UPDATED!)

First, as the entire Western press is clamoring in impotent range, Russia has fired 8 Kalibr missiles at a major NATO base in Western Ukraine.  The base is utterly destroyed and there are many (well over 180+) dead mercenaries and even more wounded ones.  The base was near the Polish border which, of course, triggered even more hysterics. What is important about this strike is this: Russia has just proven

On maps wars and hate-filled mobs “canceling Russia”

First, the obligatory map of the day:   Now I need to make a note about maps, as some clearly struggle with the concept.  Okay, first, a map is NOT a faithful representation of reality.  But it is just that, a REPRESENTATION.  Which means that depending on the author of the map and the intended public, two different maps representing the same situation on the ground can look very different.

Major military and political developments and major risks next (UPDATED!)

First, the biggest news of the day: the city of Izium fell to the Russian forces.  Here is a map with Izium (Изюм) on the top and then two sets of arrows: the red ones show how the operational cauldron in the east of the Ukraine can be locked along the Lozovaia-Pavlograd while the black one shows the same option, but much closer to the surrounded Ukronazi forces along an

Day 11 – Putin’s last warning before beginning of the 2nd phase of the operation

First, since Boris Rozhin did take the time to write up a summary for the day, I will begin by sharing with you a machine translation of his summary of the day: 1. Negotiations between the Russian Federation and Ukraine will be held tomorrow on the territory of Belarus. Moscow has made it clear once again today that if Kiev does not accept the conditions (without any concessions), the consequences

Day 3 of the Russian operation in the Ukraine – OPEN THREAD

I found pretty decent maps on the YouTube channel of Iurii Podoliaka and I will do something ugly but, I hope, effective: add a few things to his maps with my thick black marker. But first, this: it appears that yesterday Putin had ordered a temporary stop to the Russian offensive while talking with “Ze” but when the latter stopped talking, Putin gave a “full ahead” order. I will begin

High probability of a major false flag PSYOP in the Ukraine

A senior LDNR military official, Col. Edward Basurin, the Deputy Head of the DPR People’s Militia Department, has confirmed that a false flag PSYOP operation was prepared by western special services (please make sure to also check the article Lilia Shumkova wrote about this).  According to Basurin, we are talking about three separate video productions which will be prepared for release by the AngloZionist propaganda machine (aka “the free and

Now comes the final countdown to either peace or war

So it is confirmed.  Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden will have what is announced as a “long” direct conversation (not face to face, but by a secure video link) this coming Tuesday.  Considering the extreme tensions taking place between the US/NATO/EU and Russia, this event will be, by definition, a watershed moment, irrespective of its outcome.  The two basic options are a) some kind of deal with be made b)

Russian options in a world headed for war

The world is headed for war and has been headed that way for quite a while now.  Several times, just at the brink, the West decided to pull back, but each time it did that its ruling elites felt two things: first, the felt even more hatred for Russia for forcing them to back down and, second, they interpreted the fact that no shooting war happened (yet) as the evidence,

Will Afghanistan turn out to be US imperialism’s “Last Gleaming”?

[This analysis was written for the Unz Review] In October of last year I wrote a column entitled “When Exactly Did The AngloZionist Empire Collapse” in which I presented my thesis that the Empire died on 8 January 2020 when the Iranians attacked US bases with missiles and the US did absolutely nothing. Yes, this was the correct decision, but also one which, at least to me, marked the death

Will the Russians sink a British ship the next time around?

[This analysis was written for the Unz Review] To begin, let’s recap what just happened in the Crimean waters. First, the HMS Defender deliberately entered the Russian waters under the pretext that the Brits don’t recognize what they call the “annexation” of Crimea. The Brits deny it, but after seeing 4 bombs explode ahead of the HMS Defender, they altered their course as the Russians demanded. Next, before looking into

Understanding anti-Putin PSYOPs: Preparing for war

[this analysis was written for the Unz Review] Intro: cause vs pretext It is not an exaggeration to say that in the mythology of the AngloZionist Empire Putin is something akin to Satan or, at least, that he is a kind of “Sauron” who is the epitome of evil. And, we all heard that recently, Biden, in a recorded interview, declared that Putin is “a killer”. When given a chance