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Saker news update: all is well, I hope to be home in a couple of days (but please still don’t email me!)

Dear friends, God is merciful indeed!  Not only did Hurricane Irma not take the worst possible track (not even close), but she also lost a lot of power right at the ideal moment and then she took a very bad track (for her).  In my part of Florida the impact from an already weakened hurricane was, frankly, minimal.  My sons just returned home and found it unscathed and even our

Saker announcement: I am safe (but please do not email me!)

Dear friends, After a gruelling 16 hours on the road, I have safely arrived in southern Virginia.  I am safe and comfy, just with a slow Internet connection.  Thanks for your concern and good wishes.  I will stay put up here at least until Tuesday and, depending on the conditions, it might take me 2 days go get back down to Florida.  So being back to work on the blog

Saker message: I have to evacuate, signing off for a while

Dear friends, Hurricane Irma looks very, very powerful and the resulting hysteria in Florida is outright toxic (there are fistfights at gas stations). A friend offered to host us in Virgina and we have decided to accept that invitation.  So we are going to hit the road at 0500 tomorrow.  I will try my best to remain in contact and maybe even post a little something once I get to

Saker announcement: very uncertain week ahead

Dear friends, The glorious US corporate media did it again.  Even though Hurricane Irma is still a week away from any possible landfall in the USA, the media leeches did what they always did: the created a panic.  As a result, things are slowly but surely going crazy in Florida.  The problem with my much beloved Florida Peninsula is just that, a peninsula with basically only 3 evacuation highways to

5’000 miles later, I am finally back home :-)

Dear friends, When I decided to drive back instead of flying back, I really had no idea what I was getting myself into.  Naively, I had planned on a huge 2’500 miles long trip.  What actually happened is that I grossly underestimated the actual size of this huge country and how much “sightseeing” would add to the trip.  Instead of 2’500 miles I actually ended up driving 5’000 miles, that’s

Message from the Saker on the road

Dear friends, An old military saying goes “no plan survives the first contact with the enemy”.  I think I will modify it and say that no plan survives the first contact with reality.  In my case my plan was to fly back home and be back at my computer by the 27th of July.  I have had to make a rather dramatic change to this plan and now I will

Important announcement – please read (especially if you have emailed me!)

Dear friends, I am facing somewhat of a perfect storm right now.  Not only did Orthodox Great Lent just end with the Annunciation yesterday and the Entry of our Lord tomorrow, but Passion Week begins on Monday and next Sunday is Holy Paskha.  Translated in plain English this means “lots of very long church services”.  To make things words, Trump has just gone off the deep end in Syria, and

The recent article about “Cat Motja on Motorola and Ukraine in simple human language”

Dear friends, My bad.  I screwed up.  The recent article by Scott “Cat Motja on Motorola and Ukraine in simple human language” should not have been published, at least not in its current form. I removed it along with the (predictably) divisive comments section. The responsibility is entirely mine and I apologize to everybody. The Saker

Short update from the Saker

Dear friends, My family and I are incredibly lucky.  Just 24 hours ago we were looking at a CAT4 hurricane making landfall just south of us and then slowly moving its eyewall over our county.  Remember Punta Gorda in 2004 or Homestead with Hurricane Andrew?  Something like that was a definite possibility.  Instead, we got a CAT3 whose eye never moved over land (at least not near us) and which at

Guys, this does not look good – I have to evacuate

Dear friends, Things are not looking very good tonight: check out the 11PM predicted track for Hurricane Matthew: What this means is that Matthew will pass over my house as a CAT4 Hurricane (hence the letter “m” as in “major” on the map above) with very high winds, torrential rain, isolated tornadoes and a significant storm surge.  This also means that all of the coastal areas will be evacuated and