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The Vineyard Saker blog celebrates its 10th anniversary, even though very little has changed. Or has it?

Ten years ago, on May 2nd 2007, I decided to “scratch my itch” and to write what I thought and then make it public.  After a long interruption I wanted to analyze again and, for the first time, I wanted to make that analysis public (before that all my analyses were classified, you can read a more detailed version of this here).  Even if “public” meant all of: me and,

Charles Bausman at the World Russia Forum in DC mentions the Saker blog + corrected stats

NOTE: Just a few corrected stats: There are seven independent Saker blogs in total (original, Russian, French, German, Latin American, Oceania, Italian) in five languages (English, French, Russian, Italian, Spanish).  It is hard to estimate how many people actually work on these blogs in total, but I would say that roughly 100 active members sounds right to me.  I am also trying to get some reliable figures the number of