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A few musings on the role of “useful idiots” in modern PSYOPs

I have to begin with an admission here: while hurricane Ian was a total disaster for most of Florida, hurricane Nicole came right on time to spare me from having to react to the mass idiocy surrounding the announced withdrawal of the Russian army from Kherson.  In purely military terms, this was a no brainer and if you have not yet listened to Andrei Martyanov and Brian Berletic discussing this

Quick notes from Andrei + open thread

Dear friends Looks like Hurricane Ian will be even dangerous for the Florida East coast.  So I don’t know how soon we will lose power.  I also am too preoccupied with preparations to write much today. But the few headlines below are, I think, quite amazing. The Americans Declared War On Europe The War On Germany Just Entered Its Hot Phase Swedish experts report explosions at Nord Stream pipeline sites

Who will run out of resources first?

Today I will keep it very short using my favorite bullet-style points: By most credible accounts, the recent Ukronazi+NATO attack in the Kharkov area was even more costly in KIA/MIA, wounded and lost hardware than the attack towards Kherson.  The combined losses from these attacks are staggering. Yet there are all the signs that the Ukronazi+NATO forces are preparing for even more such attacks. The Ukronazis+NATO seem happy to trade

Nancy braves the Chinese dragon and wins?

So, it appears that Pelosi landed in Taiwan. This is a HUGE victory for the invincible USA and China with all its hollow threats has now lost face.  That is how those evil commies are – they only understand the language of force, and when faced with the united forces of democracy they cave. Right? Right?! Well…… Yes, if your expertise in international relation, military matters and China (or Russia)

Brandon shifts the narrative on Banderastan

President “Biden” (i.e. the “collective” Biden, not the actual Bradon) penned an interesting article for the NYT entitled “President Biden: What America Will and Will Not Do in Ukraine“.  The entire things is behind a paywall, and it is not really worth reposting it here.  But I do want to comment on a few of “Biden’s” theses. First, I will ignore the obnoxious habit of calling the USA “America”, when

Latest update from Banderastan zoo

Someone had an absolutely hilarious idea: to create a new alliance between the UK, Poland and the Ukraine.  By no coincidence at all, the acronym of this alliance spells out UPA, which in Russian (УПА) is the name given to Banderist “Ukrainian People’s Revolutionary Army” and/or “Ukrainian Insurgent Army“. This is great and makes everybody happy: For the Brits, this is a way to medicate their phantom pains about still

The AngloZionists are trying to provoke a war with Iran

There is really nothing particularly complicated about what just happened: the AngloZionists have murdered a top Iranian scientist in the hope that this murder will trigger a war.  The Iranians have promised a retaliation, but have not taken any action, at least so far. Since there are those who will inevitably conclude that “Iran cannot do anything“, or “Iran is afraid” or even “Iran should strike Israel“, all I want

Russian options in the Karabakh conflict

With the eyes of most people locked on the debate between Trump and Biden, the conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia over Nagorno-Karabakh (NK) has received relatively little attention in the West.  Yet, this is a potentially very dangerous situation.  Just think about this: the Armenians are accusing the Turks of shooting down an Armenian Su-25 over Armenia (not NK!).  If that is true, then some would say that this is

Європа – це Україна !

Did they expect us to treat them with any respect? They can polish their medals and sharpen their Smiles, and amuse themselves playing games for awhile. Boom boom, bang bang, lie down you’re dead. Roger Waters The Maidanites had this great slogan “Україна – це Європа!” or “The Ukraine is Europe”.  It was short, emphatic and utterly meaningless – hence it’s appeal and success.  Predictably it took the Ukronazis less

The AngloZionist Empire has truly become an “Empire of Illusions”

This is bizarre.  The recent two summits (APEC and G20) have, I would argue, ended up as a disaster for the US and its allies (see here, here and here) while Russia, China and the rest of the BRICS are clearly in control of the situation, yet there are still those who believe the western corporate media which wants to portray Putin are Russia as “weak”.   I suppose in our

In Banderastan insanity, denial and lies are the norm, not the exception

By now you all have probably heard it: the newly appointed Ukrainian Minister of Defense has officially pledged to re-take Crimea and to organize a victory parade in the streets of Sevastopol.  His statement, made in the Ukrainian Parliament, was received with a standing ovation.Needless to say, the notion of the Ukraine re-taking Crimea is ludicrous.  The Ukrainian Defense Minister knows this, and so do the Parliamentarians.  But what is