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Roger Waters: “You want to start a war with the Russians? Are you crazy?”

Translated by Scott Humor Roger Waters – about his upcoming concerts in Russia, his humanitarian activities and conflict with the “White helmets.” source: An exclusive interview for the Izvestia newspaper. At the end of August, Roger Waters, one of the founders of Pink Floyd, will visit Russia as part of his Us+Them World Tour, and the audience in Moscow and St. Petersburg will be able to see his new show.

Why the Operation to De-Legitimise Ukraine Should Be Extended to 2019

By Rostislav Ishchenko Translated by Ollie Richardson and Angelina Siard cross posted with http://www.stalkerzone.org/rostislav-ishchenko-why-the-operation-to-de-legitimise-ukraine-should-be-extended-to-2019/ source: https://ukraina.ru/opinion/20180626/1020526852.html What people were saying about 4 years ago concerning the probable (even desirable) future absolutely imperceptibly became the reality. The US, which staged the Ukrainian and Syrian crises for the sake of preserving their hegemony, lost the position of the sole world leader. They launched trade wars not only with China, India, Russia, but also

Pension reform as a fifth column tool to overthrow Putin

By Vadim Potapenko/Mikhail Khazin Translated by Ollie Richardson and Angelina Siard cross posted with http://www.stalkerzone.org/pension-reform-as-a-fifth-column-tool-to-overthrow-putin/ Source: https://cont.ws/@aleksandr88/985041 Original title: “About a fair pension system” The full version of this study authored by Vadim Potapenko that this article is based on can be read here (in Russian only) The pension system can be considered fair when it can maintain an acceptable standard of living for pensioners and at the same time