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Sputnik interviews The Saker on Syria

Dear friends, Here below  is the original Q&A of the interview I had with Sputnik on Monday.  To read the full Sputnik articles please see here: https://sputniknews.com/politics/201708021056124153-syria-us-kurds-independence/ https://sputniknews.com/politics/201708031056154407-us-syria-government/ Sputnik: What is behind Donald Trump’s decision to end the CIA covert program to arm the so-called “Syrian rebels”? How will it affect US positions in Syria? Will it help the Syrian Arab Army to defeat al-Qaeda and Daesh and restore the

First interview of the Saker in French ever

That really makes me happy: Slobodan Despot, a Swiss journalist and publisher, made a first time ever interview with me in French.  Though I have now been away from Europe for 14 years, it felt good speaking in French again.  And I have to say that I had a great time talking to Slobodan Despot and we hope to repeat that conversation on a regular basis in the future. I

Catherine Austin Fitts interviews the Saker for the Solari Report: The Emerging Multipolar World with Saker – Russia, Ukraine & the Risks of War

Dear friends, Here is the latest installment of my quarterly conversations with Catherine Austin Fitts.  This time the topic was Russia, Ukraine & the Risks of War.  I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did. Here is the main page of the interview: https://solari.com/blog/the-emerging-multipolar-world-with-the-saker-russia-ukraine-the-risks-of-war/ You can listen to the interview here: https://solari.com/audio/sr20160609_InterviewHQ.mp3 You can get the transcript in PDF format here: https://solari.com/00archive/web/solarireports/2016/sr20160609_1.pdf I highly recommend that you

The Saker interviews Gilad Atzmon

It has been already 6 years since I interviewed Gilad for the first time and when a friend recently suggested that it was time for a new conversation, I immediately agreed, as did Gilad who, in spite of his over-booked and hectic lifestyle took the time to reply to my questions.  Gilad is, in my opinion, not only the most original and talented jazz musician currently composing and playing (make