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Saker Podcast #14: a religious smorgasbord

Dear friends, Here is my newest podcast, this time deal with a few religious questions I have been asked by readers. You can also listen to it on YouTube: And this is the Islamic text I quote in the podcast: 4 types of people Shaikh Abdul Qadir al-Jilani said that there are 4 kinds of people in the world: 1st:  Those who have the name of the Lord-God neither on

Saker Podcast # 13 (Saker’s views on Islam)

Dear friends, I finally found the time to sit down and record a podcast about my views of Islam and Muslims.  I hope that this podcast will set the record straight and clearly explain my views.  For those interested in this topic, here are the links to a series of articles I wrote on the related topic of “Russia and Islam”: Russia and Islam series: http://thesaker.is/russia-and-islam-part-one-introduction-and-definitions/ http://thesaker.is/russia-and-islam-part-two-russian-orthodoxy/ http://thesaker.is/russia-and-islam-part-three-internal-russian-politics/ http://thesaker.is/russia-and-islam-part-four-islam-as-a-threat/ http://thesaker.is/russia-and-islam-part-five-islam-as-an-ally/

Latest Saker Podcast # 12 (Q&A with readers) is out!

Dear friends, As promised recently, I am happy to announce the posting of my 12th podcast today.  You can pick one of two formats to listen to it: YouTube or Archive.  Here they are You can also grab it on this page: https://archive.org/details/SakerPodcast12 Please let me know what you think and how I did and, most importantly, if you like that Q&A format (I personally do). Hugs and kind regards

Saker Podcast # 11 (ideas from a distant past)

Dear friends, Today I ask for your indulgence.  Not for the contents of the podcast which are every bit as retrograde, obscurantist and bigoted as my recent A few disjointed thoughts on the events in Cologne, but for the fact that the topic I tackled today would have deserved a carefully prepared presentation and not just an off the cuff “car discussion”.  As always, I did the best I could,

The Saker (mini-) Podcast #10 is now available

Dear friends, I recoded a mini-podcast while driving yesterday.  You can now get it either from the Internet Archive or from YouTube.  Here is podcast page: https://sites.google.com/site/sakerpodcast/home/saker-podcast-10 or you can just listen to it on YouTube:

The Saker Podcast No 9 (Q&A on the road) is out!

Dear friends, The 9th podcast is out: you can download all my podcasts from the Saker Podcasts download page: https://sites.google.com/site/sakerpodcast/home or you can directly go to the 9th podcast download page here: https://sites.google.com/site/sakerpodcast/home/saker-podcast-9 If you wonder why I promote these download pages it is because they have one of those nifty PayPal button which, I hope, will remind you that one of the purposes of these podcast is to remind

The Saker Podcast No 8 (The Origins of Daesh)

Dear friends, Here is my 8th podcast.  This one is short and deal with one topic only: the origins of the group known today as ISIS/IS/Daesh/etc.  Please let me know if you find some short(er) single-topic podcasts useful or not, or if you prefer to previous Q&A format. Note about the music: The music for this show are two compositions of the wonderful Florida guitarist Walter Parks.  The tunes are

The Saker Podcast No 7 – ‘mobile podcast’

Dear friends, I finally did it :-)  I recorded a podcast while on a long drive across the beautiful Ocala National Forest (that is the photo attached to the podcast).  This time, I did things a tad differently.  It was not a Q&A but rather a topical podcast where I discussed two issues I felt needed clarification: the issue of whether the blog is sacrificing quality to quantity (in my

The Saker Podcast No 6 – Q&A with readers

Dear friends, The Saker Podcast #6 is now available for download and streaming on the following page: https://sites.google.com/site/sakerpodcast/home/saker-podcast-6 As always, the stupid corporate copyright rules prevent me from uploading the podcast with the musical intro and song at the end on YouTube and SoundCloud.  The Internet Archive appears to be free from such corporate abuse, so while you are free to chose your version – I recommend choosing the one

Next podcast – on the go?

Dear friends, I want to try something a little new: record a podcast while driving :-) I got myself a pretty decent mobile microphone (a Zoom H1) and I hope that the sounds of the engine, tires and wind will not be heard too much on the final recording (I will be using a low-cut filter and a windscreen).  Of course, this will not be as convenient as recording in

Saker Podcast # 5 available for streaming and download – open thread

Dear friends, The 5th Saker podcast, and the first one in 2015, is now available for download on the Saker podcast page: Saker Podcasts download page on Google Sites The page for the podcast itself is here: Link to Saker Podcast #5 on Google Sites As always, you can chose from Soundcloud, Internet Archive and Youtube. It is 23:00 here and the folks in Minsk have still not announced anything,

Next podcast hopefully in a week or so

Dear friends, I will try to record the next podcast early next week, God willing. So now is a good time to ask for your questions/comments/criticisms. And since due to my personal circumstances I have not had the time to answer a lot of comments and personal emails, please feel free to re-post them below (but please, do not email me). The deadline to post questions/comments/criticisms is this Friday, February

Fourth Saker Podcast now available for download and streaming

Dear friends,I invite you to go to the (temporary) Saker Podcast page: https://sites.google.com/site/sakerpodcast/home where you download the transcripts of the first two podcasts and then to the Fourth Saker Podcast page: https://sites.google.com/site/sakerpodcast/home/saker-podcast-4where you can download the fourth and last Saker podcast of the year.  I will record the next podcast sometime after the Orthodox Nativity (January 7th).  This is also the planned time for the launching of the “2nd new

Upcoming Saker Podcast & transcripts

Dear friends,Next week I plan to record my 4th podcast.  As always, I invite questions, but also comments.  Please post them here until Sunday evening 6PM UTC/GMT time.  Please do not email me but only post your questions in the comments section (in English, French, Russian, German, Italian or Spanish – I can translate them into English during the recording).  Any and all topics, from very serious to totally non-serious

Third Saker Podcast now available for download and/or streaming

Dear friends, The 3rd Saker Podcast is now available for download and/or streaming from Soundcloud, Mediafire, YouTube and the Internet Archive.  Since corporate America prevents me from posting even 30 seconds of copyrighted music, I recommend you download/stream the podcast from the Internet Archive.I also remind you that the main purpose of these podcasts is to serve as a reminder that my work depends on your donations, so if you

Saker Podcast #2 on YouTube

Dear friends,Since some of you have requested it, here is the YouTube upload of the 2nd Saker Podcast.  By the way, there are a couple of instances (4 I think?) of a kind of echo in the latter part of the podcast.  This is already the case in the original audio track and I am not sure whether my microphone (Zoom H2n) or my software (Audacity) is to blame.  Sorry

Second Saker Podcast available for download and streaming

Dear friends, I just finished recording the 2nd podast.  You can grab it here:https://sites.google.com/site/sakerpodcast/home/saker-podcast-2-1As always, I look forward to hearing your comments, suggestions and criticisms.  Please let me know how I can do better.As I might have mentioned it in the past, the long term solution I have chosen is to have the future podcasts embedded in the new website (which is still being worked on by volunteers).  For the

Saker Podcast #2 in preparations – please post your questions now!

Dear friends,In a week or so I plan to record my second podcast.  So now is the time for you to post your questions right here, in the comments section under this post.Please do not email or post these questions elsewhere, only here, okay?If you have emailed me before or if you have posted a question elsewhere, please do repost it again here.If it ain’t here by Friday 1800UTC I

Soundcloud “Go Unlimited” plan purchased!!

Dear friends,I just wanted to let you know that a member of our community – palmtoptiger – sent me the full sum to pay for the Soundcloud “Go Unlimited” plan!  Before that, Larchmonter445 also made a donation towards the same goal.  So we got it!  Full Soundcloud for a year :-)Thanks a lot to both of you – this will certainly provide the best and most flexible option for the