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Is Andrei Martyanov right in his criticism of US ruling “elites”?

Those of you who, like myself, try not to miss any videos or articles by Andrei Martyanov know that one of his “favorite” topics is the utter incompetence of Western elites in general and US ruling elites specifically.  I am sure that his criticisms appear to be over the top to many people and that is normal.  It is completely counter-intuitive to assume that the ruling class (because that is

Echoes from the first Neocon war in Europe and some music

First, I found out that BitChute also blocks videos showing combat operations in videos made by Russians.  Rumble did not, at least so far, so in the future I will stick with Rumble to post “politically incorrect” or otherwise “offensive” videos.  Still, the only viable solution here is to have a video hosting service in a sovereign country. Next, I cannot go into details here and now, but this is

What should we make of the latest Muppet show in DC?

There’s a mad dog pulling at his chain A hint of danger in his eye Alarm bells raging ’round his brain Roger Waters So “Ze” aka “Zelia” came to DC and was given a massive welcome by the US Congress.  The last time a foreign leader was treated as if he was the US President was Bibi Netanyahu spoke to Congress.  The fact that war criminals and crooks Zelia and

Do the Europeans deserve what is coming to them next?

Dear friends I was born in Switzerland, arguably the heart of Europe, and as a European by birth, if not by culture, I feel that I should address the issue of the regular European’s responsibility for what is going on in both the Ukraine and Serbia. I don’t believe in collective guilt, so the short answer is “no”. But I do believe in consequences and I do believe in God’s

Sic transit gloria mundi

Today, I want to post a few rather amazing news items about some rather weird things happening in the post-Christian West. First, there is this pearl of wisdom: “Pope Francis directs racially charged comment towards Russians” Chechens, Buryats and others who are “of Russia but are not of the Russian tradition” are acting with “cruelty” in Ukraine, the head of the Roman Catholic Church told the Jesuit magazine America in

More signs of the coming storm (and some week-end music)

Today, as I often do, I will mention a few headlines and add some comments to each one.  Then, as is usual for Fridays, I will share some more “music I don’t like” with you :-) So here we go: Biden ‘outraged’ by Russian move: whether we are talking about the actual, real, Biden, or the collective “Biden” makes no difference: the Anglos used the grain deal to attack Russia

Two short news and some US week-end music

So the two big news of the day are: The liberated areas of the Ukraine have begun to vote on whether to join Russia A major prisoner exchange has taken place between the Kiev and Moscow I don’t see the point of commenting right now about the vote.  But I do have a few things to say about the prisoner exchange and the first one is this: to those who

Short news summary and some week-end music

I begin with the most patriotic people in Russia, the Chechens.  Here is a photo of the latest batch of volunteers which Ramzan Kadyrov is sending to the Ukraine:   Next, one of the favorite techniques used by Ukrotrolls is the mantra “Where is the footage!? Where are the bodies?! Show me the supposed destroyed equipment?!” This is a very effective technique, consider the following: The Russian military has a