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They are also heroes of Novorussia , Russia and even the world

Dear friends, Today I want to draw your attention to a group of people which I sincerely regard as true heroes of Novorussia.  There are three theses which I have been repeating on this blog over and over and over again.  They are: 1. Russia and the USA are already at war 2. This war is 80% informational, 15% economic and 5% military 3. Russia does not want, but is

Saker rant: “Gun control” should only mean “hitting your target”

As is so often the case, there is crazy shit happening in the US of A.  Yesterday I just took a quick look at the RT news feed and I saw this: Following the shooting in Charleston, some creep shot another 7 people in West Philly and some other creep shot another 10 in Detroit. I already know what is going to happen next: there will be new appeals to

The Motherland Calls: An OPEN THREAD for the prospective traveler

Dear friend, Since this is my sandbox and I can post anything I want here, I decided agree to the suggestion of a reader who wants to travel to Russia and create an “open thread” about traveling to Russia.  I hope that this will be useful to you and, maybe, provide an opportunity for some of you to meet face to face. Anyway – here is the chance to 1)

Yeah, I am sick again…

I am sick with the cold.  Again.  I hate that.  Can’t post anything coherent.  So I will leave you with some music by my favorite jazz guitarist, Philip Catherine.  Enjoy! The Saker

Poor Mario Graghi

Poor Mario Draghi – not only did he get harassed by a “Femen” – the entire world now knows how terrified Draghi is of women:

My first sandbox post :-)

So here is my ‘sanbox’!  The place were I will get to dream, babble, rant, vent, advertise and go completely off topic.  I might just post a picture, or a video.  Or share some music I love with you. So don’t take it seriously – it will just be my sandbox, a place to be silly and young. Also a place not to think about the real world and how