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The Flight from Kabul and the Legacy of General Soleimani

Written by Seyed Mohammad Marandi for Almayadeen and highly recommended by our regular Middle Eastern correspondent. Iran has strong reason to believe that the sudden withdrawal of western forces was designed to create instability and chaos in Afghanistan. Roughly 20 years ago, after the Taliban’s crushing defeat in Afghanistan and the complete withdrawal of support from Pakistan and Saudi Arabia under US pressure, the Quds Force began a dialogue with

The Forever Imminent Collapse of the Iranian “Regime”

From Seyed Mohammad Marandi at https://english.almayadeen.net As Iran is literally depicted as illegitimate and derogatorily labeled a “regime,” these “experts” can inform their audiences without irony of the rising “menace” of Iran and the growing threat it poses to regional stability. Under US occupation Afghanistan has become the beating heart of global opium cultivation and distribution, but for Iran haters, just a whiff of unrest anywhere in the country is