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Russian SOF incinerated the US SOF in Idlib

by Scott Humor   Still only few details are available about the September 20th  morning attack of combined Al-Nusra, which is Israel, and  the US Special Forces to capture a platoon of the Russian military police monitoring the situation in the de-escalation zone. Just a days before, there were a couple of major announcements. On September 13th, when the Russian Military Police first entered the capital of Idlib, there was

Breaking News Syria Names Foreign Secret Agents Trapped in Aleppo to the UN Security Council

Breaking News Syria Names Foreign Secret Agents Trapped in Aleppo named in the UN Security Council Dec 19, 2016 US, Isreali, Turkish, Qatari and Saudi secret service officers are trapped in Eastern Aleppo, Al-Jafari says. He mentions names and nationalities. “We are going to catch them and show them to you.” Statement to press at UN by Dr Al Jaafari naming the foreign instructors found in eastern Aleppo. Includes Q&A.

More fallout from the botched US raid on Syrian village

The shit is hitting the fan after the botched US raid on the Syrian village near the Iraqi border and even nominal US allies such as the Maliki government and even Fouad Siniora (!!) in Lebanon are condemning this aggression. Other protesting voices include Qatar, the OIC, the Arab League, Russia and China. Even the otherwise ‘tame and lame’ EU “voiced concerns” about this raid (which just goes to show

Special Operations Prepared for Domestic GWOT Missions

This is really nothing new. After all, the U.S. Army’s Combat Applications Group (full name: 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta, the so-called “Delta Force”) has already been used against the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas. What is new is that now the participation of US military special forces in violation of the Posse Comitatus Act is made official. There is a logic at work here. Since the USA is fighting