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Dieudonne’s music video and an appeal to French speakers (updated)

Dieudonne and his wife have made a small music video together which Dieudo put at the end of his latest web appearance.  I want to share this video with you: Since Gallier2 has kindly translated the lyrics in a recent comment (merci l’ami!), I will also share that here: A new wind blows over the planet, wind of renewal, it’s the wind of hope.the one that makes the branches of

Russia’s prevailing ideological consensus: sovereignism and anti-capitalism

I thought I had seen in all, from the 100 year ban on homo parades in Moscow to the Pussy Riot circus, but it appears that a new front has opened in the West’s “Free Sex and Blasphemy” crusade against Russia. Under the title Madonna Sued in Russia for Supporting Gays the very serious Wall Street Journal reports the following: MOSCOW—Some Russian activists have sued Madonna for millions of dollars,