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South Africa – The Real Current Event vs Rolling over of The President (a 3 Parts analysis)

by Anon for the Saker Blog Part One: The Real Current Event Part Two: Rolling Over of the President – Musical Chairs Part Three: History for Perspective a) Short notes on before the 1994 freedom election – from 1948 through to the Freedom Election – the apartheid regime b) Deep Background Part One: The Real Current Event At the time of writing, the sitting President, Jacob Zuma had been ‘recalled’

Interview with Peter Koenig: BRICS – Potential and Future in an Emerging New World Economy

Based on an interview with Tashreeq Truebody, Radio 786, South Africa Questions Global economy and Brics Peter Koenig Let’s put the BRICS in perspective: The BRICS are of course Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. Together they make up for almost 50% of the world population and close to one third of the world’s economic output, or GDP. This alone would make them fully independent from the western economy, from

Tactics that ended apartheid in S. Africa can end it in Israel

Note: Today I am publishing an opinion piece even though I have strong reservations about its key thesis. Basically, while I do agree that the self-confessed racist (“Jewish”) State of Israel’s policies are, in some ways, similar to Apartheid, I do not think that Israeli Jews are in any way similar to Afrikaners, nor do I think Israel is susceptible to the same kind pressures which, eventually, brought about the