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SouthFront’s Website and Videos Are Fully Censored On Facebook

https://southfront.org/facebook-launches-large-scale-censorship-campaign-against-southfront/ Facebook is censoring SouthFront’s website and videos. All posts with links to southfront.org have been removed; All SouthFront videos released in 2018 have been removed; No more links to southfront.org can be posted on Facebook; The formal reason is that southfront.org doesn’t meet Facebook’s Community Standards.

SouthFront Offering Exclusive Digital Book ‘Syrian War Diary’

Dear friends, SouthFront has written an interesting ebook which I want to recommend to you.  Here below is their official announcement. The Saker ——- SouthFront Offering Exclusive Digital Book ‘Syrian War Diary’ The SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence project members and volunteers have prepared the original digital book, Syrian War Diary 1st Episode. The book is dedicated to the first period of the Syrian war. SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence goal is

SouthFront Project Report September-October

Dear friends, We are glad to inform you that SouthFront is continuing to make huge waves in the English-speaking world, providing an online platform for alternative media that allows everyone to contribute to the production and distribution of alternative point of view. Our team launched a series of new products and increased the content’s quality in September and October. Now, we are preparing for the last step in October and