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Russia-China Strategic Friendship & Cooperation in 21st Century

by Straight-Bat for the Saker blog Foreword A personal journey for nearly 15 years is coming to an end – it was 2008 winter when I stumbled upon ‘The Vineyard of the Saker’, slowly but surely I became, first, a regular reader, then a commenter (first as ‘Anon Indian’ and thereafter, ‘Straight-Bat’), and finally, for past 3 years a guest-author. Like most of the regular readers, I got attracted by

Part 2 of Saker’s interview with Straight-Bat on Marxism in the 21st century

Note: the first part of this interview was posted here Foreword: Apologies for the delay in contributing to the interview part 2 – I had to be busy with my professional life. Coming back to this interview, I feel that, adding supporting documents, statements and excerpts to my arguments has always been my strength. I’m extra careful this time while responding the questions put down by The Saker in the

Super-States in Core Eurasian Geopolitics – Utopian Proposition?

by Straight-Bat for the Saker blog Introduction A question that troubled me often involves different kinds of “state apparatus” witnessed in the history of core Eurasia – principalities, city-states, kingdoms, empires, nation-states etc. Every possible combination of a geographical region (within core Eurasia) and a particular epoch represents a specific historical manifestation of a particular type of geopolitical entity – hence, in the 18th century while Caspian Sea region hosted

Sanctions on Russia & the limits to power for the hegemon

By Straight-Bat for the Saker Blog 1. Introduction The Limits to Growth (LTG) book was published exactly 50 years back in March’1972 based on a report dealing with the exponential economic and population growth with a background of finite supply of resources analyzed using computer simulation (World3 model based on five variables: “population, food production, industrialization, pollution, and consumption of non-renewable natural resources”). It was originally initiated and funded by

Politics of the Ukraine – Past and future possibilities

by Straight-Bat for the Saker Blog Introduction It would be quite unusual for any thinking person to remain calm and quiet under the current geopolitical environment across the Eurasian landmass. Hence, I couldn’t resist myself from delving into the origin, causes, and future possibilities of the so-called ‘Ukraine problem’. The very first thing that comes to my mind is how the phrase ‘Ukraine problem’ came into limelight. Does the origin

The Saker interviews Straight-Bat on Marxism in the 21st century

Introduction by the Saker: regular readers of the blog will have noticed the extremely interesting contributions by the guest author Straight-Bat (if not, see here, here, here or here).  Since I noticed that Straight-Bat identified himself as a Marxist, I decided to ask you the following question: In your recent submission to the Saker blog, you referred to yourself as a “Marxist”. What is a Marxist anyway? Is that different

Role of Religion and Philosophy in West European Society: 1096 CE to 1815 CE

by Straight-Bat for The Saker Blog 1. INTRODUCTION Eurocentrism may be a dirty word for non-European scholars of late 20th century and early 21st century, but even the most rabidly anti-European intellectual in Africa or Asia would be compelled to accept the reality of the greatest tragedy of the non-European world: that it had been cast in the mould constructed by the European civilization between 1096 CE and 1991 CE.

CPC Centenary – China on the Cusp of a Socialist Society

by Straight-Bat for the Saker Blog 1. Prelude The other day, I was trying to visualize the conversation that would take place on a rainy humid day in July 2021, in a cafeteria in the Eurasian region of heaven where Karl Marx, Robert Owen, Comrade Lenin, Chairman Mao, and Generalissimo Chiang would meet. Purpose – to exchange critical views around the Communist Party of China (CPC) centenary and China. Generalissimo

Indian farmer’s agitation: Standing between past exploitation and future extermination

by Straight-Bat for the Saker Blog India is being rocked by the farmers’ movement since last week of November’2020 when farmer contingents from northern states like Punjab, Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh came in hundreds of thousands to the outskirts of New Delhi, India’s capital. By December’2020 more and more farmer and farmworker groups from other states like Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Maharastra joined the agitation around Delhi. Farmers unions want

The Reality of Modern India: Recurrence of Corporate-State

by Straight-Bat for the Saker Blog For quite some time, I have been alarmed with the general lack of understanding on modern India among the readers and activists (Indians and foreigners alike). As soon as “India” word appears on the paper or computer screen, a section of the readers start imagining the philosophical and religious connotation of the word, they try to realise how great saints spent whole life to

Greatest ‘sin’ of Lenin and Stalin

by Straight-Bat for the Saker Blog 1. Introduction There are some incidents in life which a person would continue to review time and again, knowing pretty well that, it would be just a futile exercise from which he/she won’t really draw serious lessons (those who believe in learning from past deeds/misdeeds seldom forget the proverbial statement of Marx: ‘History repeats itself first as tragedy then as farce’). Similarly there are

Bridging China’s past with humanity’s future – Part 3

by Straight-Bat for the Saker Blog This will be presented in 3 parts and in 3 different blog posts Part 1 Part 2 PART – 3 2008 ONWARDS – PREPARATION FOR FINAL ACT The financial crisis that started in USA in 2007 became global by 2008 which impacted countries and societies across the world. The year 2008 has already been identified as watershed moment for world economy. However, I would

Bridging China’s past with humanity’s future – Part 1

by Straight-Bat for the Saker Blog This will be presented in 3 parts and in 3 different blog posts Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 PART – 1 1. INTRODUCTION The world is tottering under the omnipresent virus covid19. Since January’2020, economic and sociological parameters went into a tailspin in one after another country across the globe. By end of year 2020, when the corona pandemic would be under control

Towards a new dawn of collective community in a new union

by Straight-Bat for the Saker Blog 1. INTRODUCTION Just 4 months ago I came to The Saker’s cafe and deliberated as a ‘gradualist’ on how the present decade of 2020’s will ensure that the ‘resistance camp’ utilise on the gains that it achieved during the tortuous decade of 2010’s, and make far-reaching transformation throughout this decade. But, as the saying goes, “There are decades where nothing happens; and there are