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Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) Statement About the Situation in Belarus

SVR RF Press Bureau – September 16, 2020 (Italics and bolding added for emphasis.) The Director of the Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation, Sergey Naryshkin stated: “The events in Belarus show clearly visible Western traces. The protest actions from the very beginning carry a well organized character and is coordinated from abroad. It’s remarkable that the West began preparing the protests long before the elections. In 2019 –

Speech by the Director of the SVR of Russia at the International Moscow conference on security

translated by Scott source: https://cont.ws/@serfilatov/1316761 Sergei Naryshkin: Dear participants of the Conference! Our meeting is taking place against a backdrop of an extremely complex international situation. It is qualitatively different from previous periods of the “cold war” and the brief triumph of American unipolarity. The confrontation between the powers in those years was tense, but generally predictable and regulated by a clear set of rules. In today’s world, the degree

Russia and the USA coordinate their joint course against terror

source: http://www.all-in.de/nachrichten/deutschland_welt/politik/Russland-und-USA-stimmen-gemeinsamen-Anti-Terror-Kurs-ab;art15808,2077504   translation: Dagmar Henn As “Bild am Sonntag” reported, referring to US-intelligence circles, last week already leading delegations of the CIA and Russian foreign intelligence service SVR met in Moscow. The secret talks were aimed at coordinating the joint military cooperation in the Syrian war. The Americans intend to support future Russian military action against IS in Syria with findings out of their own espionage, so “Bild am

Interview of a senior Russian Foreign Intelligence analyst

source: http://argumenti.ru/toptheme/n481/394395 by Alexander Chuikov, translated by “D” On the northern outskirts of Moscow, under the reliable protection of the Interior Troops, lies low a former secret Institute of the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR). Nowadays, on top of its front gate there flaunt golden letters: ‘Russian Institute of Strategic Studies’. But the peaceful name would not mislead the knowing, as more than two hundred employees are forging here the analytical

True identity of the FBI mole in the Russian SVR revealed

Remember how the Russian newspaper Kommersant leaked name, rank and position of the traitor who betrayed the Russian “illegals” to the FBI? Well, they mostly got it right, except they had the wrong name, and no photos. These details have now also been leaked to the Russian media and quite a few things are now known about him, all of them horribly embarrassing for the SVR. First, not only was

The “fake Russian spies” were not fake at all! (UPDATED!)

Remember the case of the fake Russian spies including the sexy Anna Champan? If not, check out my piece The proof that the 11 Russian spies were not spies at all. Well, turns out that they were real spies after all, very very real spies indeed.  So what was the deal with all the nonsense the FBI fed us about their arrest?  The Russian newspaper Kommersant actually found out what

US and Russia swapping ‘spies’

(Carlo – I reply to your emails via this post for all, I hope you don’t mind – VS) Now its official: the USA and Russia have swapped ‘spies’. Or are they?! Well, the Russians have for sure released some very real spies, including a nuclear scientist and even a former GRU Colonel (now that there is no death penalty in Russia, this guy should, IMHO, have received life without

After fake terrorists, now fake spies?!

I am reading the official affidavit of the FBI (see here and here) and I can’t believe the nonsense I am reading. First, the “super-dooper secret agents” are charged with a) not registering as agents of a foreign government and b) money laundering. Yep, no charges of spying. Then, it get better. According to the affidavit, the FBI decrypted a “super-dooper secret message” from Moscow explaining to the apparently clueless

Putin’s legacy and the new Russia

Following Putin’s investiture as Russia’s next President after Boris Eltsin Russia underwent a dramatic transformation proving wrong those who had assumed that since Putin ‘had been picked by Eltsin’ the country would continue on its previous course. It is now obvious that the drunken Eltsin had not ‘picked’ anyone, but that powerful forces had imposed Putin as the successor to Elstin who was forced to announce his resignation on live