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Is a Syrian “domino effect” being used in a power struggle in the US deep state?

written specially for the Asia Times Following the ratification by all parties of the recent Joint Plan of Action between Iran and the P5+1 countries, it is worth looking again at the official narrative explaining this “sudden breakthrough”.  It goes something like that:“Iran was ruled by President Ahmadinejad, a notorious anti-Semite and Holocaust denier, who did everything in his power to deny the international community the monitoring rights it demanded

Security Council requires Scheduled Destruction of Syria’s Chemical Weapons, Unanimously Adopting Resolution 2118 (2013)

Department of Public Information • News and Media Division • New York Security Council requires Scheduled Destruction of Syria’s Chemical Weapons, Unanimously Adopting Resolution 2118 (2013) Deeply outraged by the use of chemical weapons on 21 August in a Damascus suburb, as concluded by a United Nations investigation team, the Security Council this evening endorsed the expeditious destruction of Syria’s chemical weapons programme, with inspections to begin by 1 October, and agreed

Russia is continuing to increase the sized of its naval task force of the Syrian coast

That is interesting.  The US appears to have accepted Putin’s “Russian Gambit”, Kerry and Lavrov are reported to be immersed in complex technical discussions, the risks of war seem to be averted, and yet the Russian Navy is continuing to strengthen its task force off the Syrian coast.  According to Russian sources the following ships are being sent to reinforce the task force: Large amphibious assault ship Nikolai Filchenkov Guard

A credible report about what happened at the recent meetings between Russian officials and Saudi intelligence chief Prince Bandar bin Sultan

First, here is the report as published by Information Clearing House translating As-Safir.  I have just bolded out the particularly important parts.  This is the text in-extenso:——-A diplomatic report about the “stormy meeting” in July between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Saudi intelligence chief Prince Bandar bin Sultan concluded that the region stretching from North Africa to Chechnya and from Iran to Syria — in other words, the entire Middle

The Empire insults our collective intelligence. Again.

This is the sequence which the Empire submits to our attention: on August 18th a UN inspection team arrives in Syria to investigate the reports of use of chemical weapons.  Two days later, on August 20, the Syrian government uses chemical weapons against hundreds of civilians.  And not in some distant and remote corner of the country, but in a suburb of Damascus, conveniently near the UN inspection team.Does anybody

Could the latest 2+2 meeting finally yield some tangible results? Maybe.

I just watched the short press conference given today in Washington DC by U.S. Secretary of State Kerry, Secretary of Defense Hagel, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov and Russian Defense Minister Shoigu and I wondered what could come of that meeting.  The good news is that all of these men are experienced and smart politicians (compared to Hillary Kerry is simply a genius).  Furthermore, I doubt that these four would have

Reflexions on my outburst yesterday and on how to best deal with the Wahabi phenomenon

This morning when I woke up and re-read my post yesterday and the comments it elicited – in particular the amazing comment by Lysander –  I felt that this was such an important issue that I decided to return to it in a separate post rather than to do so in the comments section.First, I have to admit that what I posted yesterday was not so much a post as

How fair and how logical is it to support the idea of Geneva II negotiations between the Syrian government and the multi-national terrorist of the FSA?

First, a disclaimer: I do not know when this video was shot, nor do I speak Arabic, so I cannot comment on what is said in Arabic in this video.  However, I can confirm that I clearly hear a voice saying in Russian “move to the side” and, later, “don’t stand in groups”.  It is also clear that at least one person in this video is wearing an Afghan “Pakol“. 

Dubya’s wisdom applied to the latest fairy tale coming out of the “FSA”

Remember how first it was absolutely totally undeniably clearly proven beyond any possible doubt that these evil Syrians had murdered Rafik Hariri and then, as soon as the Syrians left Lebanon, we were told that it was absolutely totally undeniably clearly proven beyond any possible doubt again that it was actually Hezbollah?Folks – they are it again.After telling us that Assad has used chemical weapons against the opposition they came

The G8 final communique communique – yet another diplomatic victory for Putin

Full text here.This is the section on Syria: (my comments in blue – The Saker) We are determined to work together to stop the bloodshed and loss of life in Syria and to support the Syrian people to establish peace and stability through political means (in other words, regime change, in particular by means of armed insurrection is not acceptable). We are gravely concerned at the appalling human tragedy that

The recent Israeli air strikes are a clear sign that the US/NATO/al-Qaeda/Israeli war against Syria is now entering into a qualitatively new phase

The latest Israeli airstrikes are now the clear proof that the US/NATO/al-Qaeda insurgency is currently losing the war against Syria.  I submit that the purpose of these strikes is rather obvious: to trigger a Syrian response which would give Israel a pretext to wage what Pepe Escobar aptly called a “mini shock and awe” campaign against Syria, tipping the balance in favor of the US/NATO/al-Qaeda insurgency.  Here is how that

The “war of the lists” is over, now the serious stuff begins

So finally the US has published its “Magnitsky List” (see full list here).  Russia instantly retaliated with its own list (see full list here).  Now what?Nothing.Let’s recap what happened.  The US Republicans, now completely controlled by Jewish Neocons, tried to play electoral politics by showing that, unlike the Democrats, they are “tough on Russia”.  First, this caters to the traditional Jewish hatred of everything Russia and, second, it also caters

Russia prepares for the worst in Syria

The commander in chief of the Russian Airborne Forces, General Vladimir Shamanov, has confirmed rumors that the Airborne Forces have adopted a plan to evacuate Russian citizens from Syria.  While this does most definitely not mean that Russia believes that the Assad regime will fall, this does show that this is an outcome for which the Kremlin is making all necessary contingency plans. General Shamanov For a while already a

Syria – a rather unexpected and optimistic scenario?

Thierry Meyssan is a complicated source to rate.  On one hand, he is a very well informed person and he has to be credited with being one of the first people to raise doubts about the 9/11 events.  But I also recall Meyssan sometimes mistaking his hopes for facts, and some of his analyses are superficial.  Anyway, he is in Syria now (he is very pro-regime), and he recently reported

Hizb Allah’s Role in the Syrian Uprising

(many thanks to M for this interesting article. S) Chris Zambelis for the CTC at West Point As the civil war in Syria rages on, there is ample evidence pointing to the activities of foreign interests—nation states and non-state actors—opposed to the Ba`athist regime in Damascus.[1] In contrast, recent reports implicating Lebanese Hizb Allah, an avowed Syrian ally, remain murky. Hizb Allah continues to refute charges that it is participating

Le grand chemin vers Jérusalem : le Hamas trahit l’Iran et la Syrie

De Fida Dakroub pour Global Research Généralités Lorsque l’émir du Qatar, Hamad, fut arrivé à Gaza, à la tête d’une importante délégation comprenant son épouse, Moza, et son premier ministre, Hamad – celui-ci un cheikh non pas un émir –, il fut accueilli par le chef du gouvernement du Hamas, Ismaïl Haniyeh, qui eut organisé une cérémonie officielle grandiose pour l’occasion. Les deux hommes se tinrent côte à côte pendant

Lebanon’s red lines, bared

By Sharmine Narwani for the Asia Times What a difference a week can make in the Middle East. On October 19, when a car bomb tore through the upscale Christian neighborhood of Achrafiyeh in Beirut killing a major security official, Lebanon shuddered in fear that the era of political assassinations was back. Politicians and commentators didn’t miss a beat. The murder of Internal Security Forces (ISF) Information Branch head Wissam

What the quasi-unanimous adoption of UNGA resolution on “The Situation in Syria” really means for the free world

On August 3rd of this year, something truly remarkable happened at the United Nations: the UNGA passed a resolution formally condemning the Syrian regime and the UN Security Council but which everybody understood was really a condemnation of Russia and China over their triple veto of Western sponsored anti-Syria resolutions.  The vote was 133 to 12.  The 12 who voted “no” are:  Russia, China, Syria, Iran, Belarus, Bolivia, Cuba, Myanmar,