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How Insurgents Live In Hiding (written by an Spetsnaz operator hunting them, with pics)

Translation by Tatzhit Mihailovich Original publication: Source for pics: INTRO The blogger molonlabe is some sort of a counter-terrorist operator in Russian Caucasus (Ingushetia region, most likely). Below, he talks about what life as an insurgent is like. I thought this may be interesting to translate – not just to share his stories, but mostly to show the hell that insurgent’s/partisans life is in general. I

In previous Cold War, USSR had plenty of reasons not to use nukes. These reasons are gone now (mostly due to US foreign policy)

by Tatzhit Mihailovich INTRO: In this article, I discuss the mechanisms driving the biggest threat facing all of us. I speak, of course, of the possibility of a nuclear war between the two superpowers. Recently, I translated a short story by a Russian submariner – he missed a signal, and went through the launch procedure unable to tell whether they were launching ICBMs for real. The story vividly describes _how_

A Russian-Syrian volunteer talks about his experience in the “Shabiha” pro-Assad paramilitary

translation: Tatzhit Mikhailovich In the media, we often see stories about people from all around the world joining ISIS, for one reason or another. At the same time, almost nothing is known about those who are fighting this plague. We talked to Michel Mizah, a 25-year-old citizen of Russia and Syria, who recently returned from Damascus, where he fought in the “Shabiha” pro-government paramilitary units. He told us what the

What is “Ukrainian nation”, and what are its future options?

By Tatzhit source: There are a lot of arguments for the fact that Ukrainian nation does not exist, all Ukrainians are Russians brainwashed to hate their nation, Ukrainian history is fake, etc. Mostly, these arguments are put forth by people who do not understand the difference between “nation” and “ethnicity”. The idea of a “nation” really originated in the age of gunpowder, when mass armies and industrialization brought the

“Cuckoo”: Russian national idea in a song?

by Tatzhit Mihailovich Video: Donbass Self-Defense: “My open hand now turned into a fist…” 18+ (please press the ‘cc’ button to see the English language captions) I subtitled a video about Ukrainian civil war set to the famous song “Cuckoo” by 90’s band Kino, I think it explains a lot of “Russian identity” fairly well. The song can actually be interpreted in many ways, but I’ve always thought it referred

What really happened in Mar’inka: Truce not over yet, but getting eroded just like before

by Tatzhit Mihailovich original here: Yesterday, the Minsk-2 truce nearly collapsed amid heavy weapons fire and tank attacks in a suburb of Donetsk.==== Summary for our preschool readers: The fighting in Mar’inka wasn’t a general offensive by either side, but rather a series of small attacks/counter-attacks amid heavy artillery fire. In the end, both sides are pretty much where they started, losses seem comparable. Donetsk was randomly shelled by

Radio Liberty ended Andrei Babitsky’s struggle for freedom

by Marina Iudenich translated by Tatzhit Mihailovich Andrei Babitsky championed freedom for more than twenty years.Freedom for Shamil Basayev to lord over the Caucasus. Freedom for Salman Raduyev to carry out terrorist operations where he pleases.Freedom for Akhmed Zakayev to hide from justice in London [and for Isa Munaev to hide in Denmark – he subsequently returned to start jihad once again, in Ukraine ].Babitsky fought fiercely and passionately with

Seeing through the doublethink: Primary evidence on losses of the combatants at Donbass

(Note by the Saker: Tatzhit Mihailovich submitted this article with *many* embedded photos and videos and I asked him to replace them by links to the media in order not to overload the page and to make the formatting easier.  Make sure to check his YouTube and LiveLeak channels which are chock-full of very good stuff!) Seeing through the doublethink: Primary evidence on losses of the combatants at Donbass by