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How bad is the crisis in the Ukrofreakistan? How is the Nazi regime doing?

I often see the comment “how bad is the crisis in the Ukraine really?  is the regime really in difficulty”? I suppose that you have all see the wonderful fights in the Ukrainian Rada.  If not, check out the latest one around “our friend Iats”: But, the Rada is the Rada, right – we expect nothing else from that zoo.  Right? Well, take a look at a non-public meeting of

Victoria Nuland buries Minsk-2 and visits a musical zoo in Kiev

Oh the grandeur of the Empire’s foreign policy!  Victoria Nuland flew to Kiev and, immediately, the impact of her presence was felt. First, Poroshenko presented a law which really gave no special autonomy for the Donbass and which was never discussed with the representatives of the DNR and LNR.  In other words, the USA gave its imprimatur to the official and finally burial of Minsk-2. Then Victoria Nuland visited the