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­Die Einsatzgruppen – Death Squads – Eastern Europe: 1941-44

By Francis Lee for the Saker blog During the Second World War in Europe, particularly in the East, special corps of mobile German extermination units known as “Einsatzgruppen” (literally “operational groups”) were recorded has having exterminated well over one million civilians, primarily in mass shootings in the greater Soviet Union and also included the Baltics, Romania, and Poland. Whenever Nazi Germany’s army marched East it immediately occupied and ethnically cleansed

Ukraine was Right! Why Russia is the Biggest Threat in the World!

by GH Eliason Is Russia really the greatest threat to the world? The answer lies somewhere between how you define a threat and what you’re actually afraid of. At that starting point what the western world screams is scaring them isn’t a Russian bogeyman or specter of Russian world domination. It’s entirely different. It’s very weird. Ukraine was right. Russia in this context is the biggest threat to Ukraine and

Meet the Orthodox priest whom Nadezhda Savchenko tortured

Besides being guilty of the murder of two Russian journalist, Nadazhda Savchenko is also famous for torturing POWs and even civilians (though for some reason, the Russian courts are not prosecuting her for that).  But who cares, they were just Russian subhumans after all, and she is still the hero of the western human rights groups and other EU and US organizations who demand her unconditional release.  Typical. This being

Ukrainian Myths and Ukrainian Lies

by GH Elisason Why “the Ukrainians” Lie- Prof. A. Moytl Says the West Shouldn’t Freak Out! In an article published  at the New Atlanticist, Political Science Professor Alexander Moytl  of Rutgers University wrote the strongest justification a Ukrainian Nationalist scholar can mount in defense of the Ukraine”s love affair with the nationalism of Stepan Bandera. Bandera, a mass murderer, torturer, and assassinated former leader of Ukraine’s ultra-nationalist emigre political movement is the Ukrainian equivalent to

Us and them – a study in hatred and love

I am sitting in front of my computer and watch the movie “The Burn,” by Arkadii Mamontov, about the May 2nd Odessa massacre.  The movie is very well made and I hope that somebody will subtitle it in English.  It shows a lot of video footage of various events, which all took place last year.  Scenes include the intercepted telephone calls of local Ukronazi leaders, the smiling faces of the

PostScriptum show – April 11th, 2015 [ENG Subs]

Thanks to our brother in arms Tatzhit Mihailovich I can share with you today a very interesting segment of the show Post Scriptum.  This show is rather unique in that it is presented by Aleksei Pushkov, who is not only a member of the Russian Duma, but also the Head of the Duma’s Foreign Affairs committee and, in my opinion, a strong candidate to eventually replace Foreign Minister Lavrov.  In

Ukronazi “dissent control” in occupied Ukraine

Check out this amazing “public service announcement” photographed in the city of Kharkov: Here is the full translation of this text: “Common” Separatist: Defiles the national symbols Waits for the arrival of the Russian world/peace Punishment: 7-12 years in prison (Art. 110 Ukr. Penal Code) Saw, heard – call 0 800 501 482 Clearly – “European values” are coming to the Ukraine, but in their Euronazi variant… Sickening. The Saker