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SITREP from Brazil – is a coup d’etat next?

This SITREP was sent to me by “Kubla Khan” from Sao Paulo: On the night of July 30 the “Lula Institute”, which was created and is chaired by the leftist leader known internationally, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, was attacked by a homemade bomb. The same Lula, elected twice president of the republic, the same Lula that through aggressive social policies, drew 41 million people out of poverty line, in

Documents showing how the Empire plans to overthrow Putin

This information was posted on an anonymous blog Drakula’s blog:  It looks very credible to me.  Just take a look here for comparison purposes. The Saker ——- West and Ukraine against Putin and his politicians Today I’ve got docs on Russia and Ukraine for you. The West got used to solving its problems using someone else to do the dirty work. Putin’s regime is an eyesore for the U.S., UK