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South East Asia SITREP October 26th, 2015 by Joseph K

The situation in South East Asia these last two weeks has been relatively calm, but things are most certainly simmering away beneath the surface. This SITREP focuses on Vietnam’s “tightrope” diplomacy between the US and China, the situation in Myanmar as the country approaches elections, the ever-present danger of US provocations in the South China Sea, and finally, Russia’s developing relationship with ASEAN. Vietnam is changing… and so is the

Special Report: Vietnam between the US, Russia and China

Foreword by the Saker:  I don’t know who “Conical Hat” really is.  All I know is that he is a Vietnamese reader of the blog.  And judging by his article, he is somebody with superb knowledge and understanding of Vietnam’s history and international relations.  We emailed each other a couple of times and, one day, I suggested that he write up something about the geostrategic position of Vietnam.  What Conical

America Has Been Here Before

By Eric Margolis for the Toronto Sun (via Informationclearinghouse) “We should hang a huge neon sign over Afghanistan: “CAUTION: DEJA VU.” Afghanistan’s much ballyhooed recent election staged by its foreign occupiers turned out to be a fraud wrapped up in a farce — as this column predicted a month ago. It was as phony and meaningless as U.S.-run elections in Vietnam in the 1970s. Canada played a shameful role in

The Real Iraq-Vietnam Analogy

Empire Note by Rahul MahajanIt’s not very interesting to take apart the latest bizarre rhetorical gambit from the White House – analogizing Iraq to Vietnam in order, strangely, to argue against withdrawal, on the grounds that allegedly premature withdrawal in 1975 led to bloodbaths in Vietnam and Cambodia and that the same thing could happen in Iraq. There was, of course, no bloodbath in Vietnam after the North Vietnamese victory