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“Song about the clairvoyant Cassandra” by Vladimir Vysotskii (with translated lyrics)

This is good version of the song, but the video is mediocre, so you might want to listen with eyes closed or simply look away.  The translation of the lyrics is my own, you can easily find much better ones elsewhere on the Internet.  Enjoy! Song about the clairvoyant Cassandra For many years and even though she was besieged Troy had remained impregnable to the assailants, And if the Trojans

Novorossiya militiaman singing “Ballad of the Struggle” by Vysotsky [ENG subs]

Today Tatzhit Mikhailovich posted on his Youtube channel the “Ballad about Struggle” or “Bаллада о Bорьбе” of the famous Russian bard Vladimir Vysotskii.  This song literally changed my life.  I heard it for the first time when I was 17, it was played for me by a guy who ended up changing my life.  He quoted Ivan Solonevich to me and said “there are times in a country’s history when