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Has Saudi spy chief Prince Bandar bin Sultan gone completely insane?

(Originally written for the Asia Times) All signs are showing that the otherwise secretive Saudi regime is angry.  Very, very angry.  Not only did the KSA refuse to take a seat at the UNSC, but now the Saudi spy chief, Prince Bandar bin Sultan, appears to be threatening the USA with a “major shift” in “relations with the United States in protest at its perceived inaction over the Syria war and

Saudi beheadings bring execution tally to 60 this year

Al-Akhbar reports: Saudi Arabia on Tuesday beheaded by the sword two nationals convicted of murdering a Syrian and of armed robbery, the interior ministry said. Ibrahim al-Qanbar and Ahmed al-Musalam were found guilty of attacking a labor camp and opening fire on residents, killing Mohammed al-Shuja and wounding another person, the ministry said in a statement carried by SPA state news agency. Qanbar was also charged with several acts of

Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich on Iran’s political course after elections

  Comment: As always, Soraya brings up an important point – the consistently nefarious role of Saudi Arabia which, on one hand, acts like the US and Israeli “poodle” when it closes its airspace to a President whose trips it does not approve of, but which on the other hand strives to impersonate some kind of regional power.  Therein lies the key contradiction: you cannot be somebody’s vassal state *and*

Chechen deja vu…

Oh God, it appears that everyday some appalling video comes out of Syria. Though these are mostly from the anti-government side, supporters of government have also produced their own share of horrors.  I know about a video of prisoners stabbed to death, and of another of prisoners being cut into pieces by a chainsaw while forced to scream “Assad is my god!”.But there is an important difference between the two

Assad and the Syrian Army are fighting for all of us

So it turns out that the Boston bombers are two Chechen brothers who are “refugees” even though neither is from Chechnia proper (they are from Kyrgyzstan). But nevermind that, here is the interesting part: check out the Russian “Facebook equivalent”  (called “V Kontakte”) page of the younger of the two brothers, Dzhohar (named after Dudaev I suppose…): How do you like that combination: “World view: Islam; Personal priority: Career and

Unbelievable – the Saudis are at it again!

Just a few hours after writing about how the Saudis are seriously considering crucifying a Shia cleric, I come across this news item: now the Saudis are apparently considering deliberately paralyzing a man.  Check out this BBC article: Amnesty ‘outrage’ at Saudi paralysis sentence.  Here is an excerpt: The reported sentencing of paralysis for a Saudi man as punishment for paralysing another man has been described as “outrageous” by a

The USA – in bed with the worst of the worst

Please take a look at this article from the al-Akhbar English language website. I think that it is extremely interesting as it shows the true face of the Saudi Kingdom, not one of modernism and progress, but one of crass pre-medieval barbarity.  Let me point of a few things here: Wahabi crucifixion in Yemen a) Crucifixion as a method of executing is legal in Saudi Arabia.  Yup, that’s right.  What

The scum of the earth

RT reports: Saudi preacher gets fine and short jail term for raping and killing daughter Image from facebook.com @We-are-supporting-Manal-Alsharif claims to show Fayhan Ghamdi Public anger has gripped Saudi Arabia after a prominent preacher who raped and beat to death his 5-year-old daughter was sentenced to a few months in jail and a $50,000 fine – known as ‘blood money’ – to compensate the victim’s relatives. ­According to Islamic law,

Bosnia v5, Chechnia v4, Kosovo v3, Libya v2, Syria v1

This could have been footage made in Bosnia, Chechnia, Kosovo or Libya, but it happens to have been made in Syria.  Same faces, same crazed expression, same murderous determination – this is the face of US-sponsored Wahabi Islam and this is what the so-called “friends of Syria” are trying to put into power in Damascus.Frankly, and in a very naive way, when I listen to these lunatics I have visions

Syrian rebels set to execute Ukrainian journalist

RT reports: NGOs are urging Syrian rebels to release a Ukrainian journalist, Anhar Kochneva, who is set to be executed Thursday. Meanwhile the group behind the kidnapping warned it would now target all Russians, Ukrainians and Iranians on Syrian soil. The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), ARTICLE 19, the International Press Institute and Reporters Without Borders issued a joint statement expressing deep concern about Kochneva’s life and urging the leadership

Orthodox priest kidnapped in Damascus found dead

Agenzia Fides reports: The body of the Greek-Orthodox priest Fr. Fadi Jamil Haddad, pastor of the church of St. Elias in Qatana, was found today in the Jaramana neighborhood (north of Damascus) not far from the place where he was kidnapped, on October 19, by unidentified armed group (see Fides 24/10/2012). This was confirmed to Fides by Fr. Haddad’s Greek-Orthodox confrere, who asked for anonymity. “ His body was horribly

Pakistan sectarian bus attack in Kohistan kills 18

The BBC reports: Gunmen have killed at least 18 Shia Muslim bus passengers in a sectarian attack in the northern Pakistani district of Kohistan, officials say. The attackers are reported to have checked the identity cards of all the passengers before removing the Shias and shooting them. About 27 other passengers on the bus were spared. (…) Last month more than 30 Shias were killed in an attack on a

Saudi woman to be lashed for defying driving ban

The BBC reports that a court in Saudi Arabia has sentenced a woman to 10 lashes for breaking the country’s ban on female drivers. Well, I have always said that Saudi Arabia is the worst hell hole on the planet and that Saudi Wahabism is quasi-demonic religious sect every bit as bad the Ziocon propaganda depicts it to be.  But the brazen arrogance of actually officially enforcing such laws still

How al-Qaeda got to rule in Tripoli

By Pepe Escobar for the Asia Times online His name is Abdelhakim Belhaj. Some in the Middle East might have, but few in the West and across the world would have heard of him. Time to catch up. Because the story of how an al-Qaeda asset turned out to be the top Libyan military commander in still war-torn Tripoli is bound to shatter – once again – that wilderness of

An interesting theory about that took place in Bab al-Azizia

Fabri Malek, spokesperson of the Libyan Democratic Party, went on the Iranian Press TV channel and presented an interesting theory about what actually happened in Bab al-Azizia: Malek: It is all over for Gaddafi, there is no doubt about that. What happened is a result of a deal [that] Gaddafi cut with the fundamentalists, with the Islamists, about three weeks ago and Seif al-Islam was telling us about it that

Is Saudi Arabia next? If so, that could very dangerous

RT TV has just announced that the Shia of Saudi Arabia have declared that this Friday will be a “day of rage”. Considering that the US Empire will use absolutely all of its capabilities and resources to maintain its control on Saudi Arabia it is frighting to think of what could happen if Saudi Arabia blows up.  Saudi Arabia is neither Egypt, nor Libya. the differences are substantial. First, I

The Lahore attack: a textbook example of destabilization

The BBC reports: Gunmen have attacked a bus carrying the Sri Lankan cricket team on its way to play in the Pakistani city of Lahore. At least six policemen escorting the team bus were killed, along with a driver. Seven cricketers and an assistant coach were injured. Pakistani officials said about 12 gunmen were involved and grenades and rocket launchers have been recovered. Officials said the incident bore similarities to

Iran to probe into Parachinar ‘genocide’

Press TV reports: A report to the Iranian parliament has cited grave human rights abuses against Shias in the northwestern Pakistani city of Parachinar. Lack of government control over the highly sensitive border areas of Kurram Agency, the capital of which is Parachinar, has lead to an increased Taliban presence in the area. Local Pakistani media reported last week that Taliban-linked militants in Parachinar, Hangu district and much of the

Press reveals gruesome details about the Mumbai attacks

Rediff India Abroad reports: Doctors shocked at hostages’s torture by Krishnakumar P and Vicky Nanjappa in Mumbai They said that just one look at the bodies of the dead hostages as well as terrorists showed it was a battle of attrition that was fought over three days at the Oberoi and the Taj hotels in Mumbai. Doctors working in a hospital where all the bodies, including that of the terrorists,