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SITREP France: Is Macron a puppet and, if yes, whose puppet is he?

Check out this video of Macron at the biggest Zionist event of the year in France, the infamous “CRIF dinner”.  If you don’t now what the CRIF is, do not bother with the Wikipedia article – it’s all sanitized – but think of the French CRIF like (AIPAC+JINSA+ADL+B’nai B’rith)2: all the power of the Israel Lobby in the USA, but squared (yeah, I know, hard to imagine, but true). Now

Israel SITREP: The Christ-hating Israelis are at it again

Remember this: or, for that matter, this: Well, our Israeli friends have done it again, check out this article by RT: (just ignore all the explaining away and other cop-outs in the text of the RT article). ———- ‘McJesus’ statue sparks riot at museum in Israel as protesters call for removal of ‘offensive’ art An art exhibit featuring a crucified Ronald McDonald caused chaos in the Israeli city of Haifa

Jewish leaders call for new editions of the Bible and the Koran to carry trigger warnings highlighting anti-Semitic passages

Saker note: Yup, you read that right.  And I did not even make this up.  This was printed by The Daily Mail website.  Here is the full text of this article (no comment is really needed at this point): Bible and Koran should carry anti-Semitic warnings, say Jewish leaders By James Wood For Mailonline Jewish leaders are calling for new editions of the Bible and Koran to carry warning messages

Israeli lawmaker proclaims supremacy of ‘Jewish race’

Likud’s MK Miki Zohar says Jews are the smartest in the world, so know Netanyahu isn’t corrupt by Stuard Winer for the Times of Israel A lawmaker from the ruling Likud party said Wednesday that the “Jewish race” is the smartest in the world and possessing of the “highest human capital,” which is why, he said, the Israeli public did not buy into the allegations of wrongdoing by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. MK

How to bring down the elephant in the room

First, a painful, but necessary, clarification: Basement crazies.  Neocons. Zionists.  Israel Lobbyists.  Judaics.  Jews.  Somewhere along this list we bump into the proverbial “elephant in the room”.  For some this bumping will happen earlier in the list, for others a little later down the list, but the list will be more or less the same for everybody.  Proper etiquette, as least in the West, would want to make us run

Rabbis Urge President Trump To “Act Decisively” In Syria

Dear President Trump, We write to you with angst just days before the Passover holiday when the Jews escaped the oppressive tyranny of Pharaoh in Egypt. The Assad regime in Syria appears to have conducted a nerve gas attack against Syrian civilians yesterday. At least 58 civilians have been killed in the attack, marking the worst chemical attack in Syria since the August 21, 2013 chemical massacre. We believe that

The deal with Iran – a major sign of the Empire’s weakness

So a deal was apparently reached in Lausanne.  It is not quite final, and there might be zig-zags, but it looks likely that a deal will be reached between Iran and the AngloZionist Empire.  Except for, in this case, the Anglos appear to be distinctly happier than the Zionists.  So, what is going on here? First and foremost, and I have said that innumerable times on this blog, this is

Yemen – yet another example of mind-boggling hypocrisy

The recent events in Yemen are taking on an increasingly dangerous turn.  Rather than to paraphrase what others have written, I will refer you to the following articles: Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya “The Geopolitics behind the War in Yemen” Ron Paul “Yemen Exploding: Is The Stage Set for the Big War?” Waqar Rizvi “In Yemen, old strategy for a new reality” What I propose to do is much more basic: I

The Truthseeker: Who Has Nukes in the Middle East

Daniel Bushell does a stellar job of delivering a blunt expose of the real nature of the “Jewish state of Israel” and interviews plenty of very good people to make his point.  Absolutely brilliant show – MUST WATCH!The SakerPS: does anybody know who Daniel Bushell is and were he comes from?  I am hugely impressed by this short report and I want to know more about the guy who did

Putin G20 Press Conference, Peskov interview on RT and the “Jews Petition Congress”

One more thing: the Ziocrazies are at it *again*!  They are now collecting signatures on Change.org for the “Jews Petition Congress” to convince Congress to attack Syria by using, what else, the “Holocaust” argument.  Your can read the text of their petition here.  All that’s missing is a “Syria’s blood on us and on our children!” slogan to make the picture complete.  And then they wonder about Anti-Semitism…The Saker

YouTube deactivates Press TV’s account under orders of the ADL

Press TV reports:A political commentator says YouTube deactivation of Press TV’s official page under pressure from the Israeli-American Anti-Defamation League (ADL) shows the video-sharing site is afraid of people’s awareness. “Press TV has become essentially the CNN of activists and persons who do not want to be fed a steady diet of execrable hasbara of CIA lies and half truths,” Randy Short, member of the Black Autonomy Network Community Organization,

The Lowdown on Hezbollah’s Ambush in South Lebanon

Ibrahim al-Amin reports for al-Akbar:Near midnight on Tuesday, August 6, an Israeli commando unit began to move from the Palestinian side toward Lebanon’s northern frontier. The unit deployed to several points along the fence before starting to cross into Lebanon nearly 20 minutes later. The unit followed a path that is in the line of sight of both Labbouna and Jall al-Alam, the two largest Israeli outposts in the western

An open letter from Roger Waters

There has been some comment on the Internet about the Wall Show in Belgium to which I feel I should respond.  One Alon Onfus Asif, an Israeli living in Belgium, came to The Wall show in Belgium last week and being an observant sort of chap Alon noticed a Star of David on the Pig that is destroyed by the audience at the end of the show. Then Alon dutifully

Israel: an entire society go insane?

First, the Israelis boycotted  a regular review by the UN Human Rights Council, the first time any country has done so.  Then they proceeded to bomb a target inside Syria.  That’s all within 24 hours.The fact is that Israel is totally out of control is hardly anything you.  Two years ago I already posted an article entitled Israel’s “FUCK YOU!” to the world.  So the events of the past couple

Glorious victory for the invincible Tsahal!!

Commentary by Mark Regev (or was it Barak Obama? don’t matter – same thing): It is good to see that the glorious and invincible IDF (aka ‘Tsahal’) continues to maintain a clear military edge over the terrorists and enemies of democracy, civilization and progress. As the only democracy in the Middle-East continues to be surrounded by millions of barbarians representing an existential threat to the peace-loving Jewish state of Holocaust

And now, a few words from a “rabbi cum spiritual life examiner”

by rabbi Ben Kamin, self-described “spiritual life examiner” Osama appropriately dies on Holocaust Remembrance Day God bless the courageous American servicemen and women who masterminded, directed, and fulfilled the special operation in Pakistan that put an end to one of the most sinister human beings who ever lived. We are thankful that our soldiers departed the scene without shedding any of their own blood. We note the brilliance of disposing

This is too hilarious to miss (must read!)

My friend Shashank just send me this: I just learnt today that all the revolutions are happening because of Obama factor and Bejing olympics. Hard to believe?  http://www.nytimes.com/2011/03/02/opinion/02friedman.html and the rejoinder: http://inanities.org/2011/03/this-is-just-the-start-and-it-never-fucking-ends/ LOL! Even my corporate Zionews standards, this is a masterpiece!! Thanks Shashank!! The Saker

Yet another wondeful example of Israeli insanity

Haaretz reports: Dale Streisand, 57, was reportedly denied new immigrant status on the grounds that his Facebook profile indicated he had been involved in Christian missionary activity in the past. Totally nuts.  There are just no other words to describe absolutely ridiculous extremes to which Jewish racism has brought the so-called “Jewish state of Israel”.  This is hardly big news (this kind of nonsense has been going on for decades),