Meet the folks for whom “America” will soon go to war

At around 2:00 P.M. on Friday afternoon, 13 April 2018, some thirty residents of the Palestinian village of Madama tried to remove a roadblock the Israeli military had placed at the eastern entrance to the village. About eleven soldiers then arrived on the scene. In the clashes that ensued, residents threw stones at the soldiers from a distance of 50-80 meters, and the soldiers fired stun grenades and rubber-coated metal

Jacob Cohen “Documenterview”: the Sayanim, Dieudonné and the French dissident movement

I have been contacted today by the producers of a most interesting and unique documentary entitled Jacob Cohen “Documenterview” who informed me that their video was now available on YouTube in a seven-part series you can see here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzHtFW-mC6vGh07g8RK7sUITTYsQYBlN0When I asked them to make the video available in one file, they told me that they would do that, but that in the meantime I could use a special embed code

US Senate *Unanimously* Passes Resolution Supporting Israeli Assault on Gaza

By Chris Carlson for the International Middle East Media Center Editorial Group Following a similar resolution passed last week by the U.S. House, the U.S. Senate voted Thursday night to support Israel’s ongoing invasion of the Gaza Strip. No dissenting vote was cast, and no mention was made of the hundreds of Palestinian civilians, most of whom are women and children, that have been killed by Israel in the past

Now that is weird coincidence!

Check out what I just found in my mailbox: Uh?  Am I suffering from Déjà vu?!I though that this was Madeleine Albright’s story…  Quick check – yes it was!  Second check – wow, its true for Kerry too.  Again?!  WTF?!Don’t these top officials undergo a very extensive FBI clearance process before being nomination for that kind of top positions?  How could they not know something as basic has their family

The ultimate humiliation for the Serbian nation

A week ago, one commentator – Fernando – asked me whether I considered the Serbs a defeated people to which I answered that, at least for the time being, yes, I saw them as totally defeated, though I was sure of their eventual re-emergence.  And now, I see this absolutely incredible headline from the BBC: Ex-IMF head Strauss-Kahn to advise Serbian government For a while, this left me speechless.  Yes,

And in the meantime, American Jews are fueling anti-US hatred in the Muslim world.

An American-Israeli Jew, Sam Bacile, gets 100 of his pals to donate 5 million dollars to make an anti-Muslim movie which is aired on YouTube and gets 2 US embassies stormed and 4 US diplomats killed.  True, some “Egyptian Coptic activist” called Morris Sadek also appears to be involved because the movie begins with a scene with Egyptian police beating Coptic Christians.  No doubt, Sam Bacile and his pals really

Asch experiment at the Democratic Convention or ZOG in action

Thanks to a recent comment by a reader (see here and here)  my attention was draw to this absolutely amazing event described like so by Ali Abunimah on the Electronic Intifada website: An extraordinary thing happened at the Democratic National Convention today. The official party platform for 2012 left out a reference that “Jerusalem is and will remain the capital of Israel” that was in the 2008 version. Under pressure

California passes resolution defining criticism of Israel as anti-Semitism

By Tom Carter for the World Socialist Website Last month, the California State Assembly passed a resolution urging state educational institutions to more aggressively crack down on criticism of the State of Israel on campuses, which the resolution defines as “anti-Semitism.” The anti-democratic resolution is the latest step in the broader campaign to stifle and suppress dissent on California’s increasingly volatile campuses. The California State Assembly is the lower house

Ron Paul sells out to the Zionist Lobby

Business insider reports: Ron Paul Shocks Campaign Staff With New Position On Israel Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul revealed this week that he would support moving the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, a surprising position that contradicts conventional wisdom about Paul’s stance toward the Jewish state. Paul first made this position known Wednesday night, during a private meeting with evangelical leaders interested in helping the Texas Congressman reach out

France leads the world in hypocrisy

Amazing, mind-boggling, brazenly hypocritical! Check this out: the BBC reports that, A top French judicial body has ruled a law backed by President Nicolas Sarkozy making it illegal to deny the Armenian genocide as unconstitutional as it infringes on freedom of expression. Oh yeah?  Then what about the infamous Gayssot Act which is in the French law books since 1990!! Some victims are clearly more equal than others… Nothing new,

Bush & Obama? Israeli assassinations and US Presidents

By Alison Weir for “CNI” via Information Clearing House On January 13th the Atlanta Jewish Times featured a column by its owner-publisher suggesting that Israel might someday need to “order a hit” on the president of the United States. In the column, publisher Andrew Adler describes a scenario in which Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu would need to “give the go-ahead for U.S. based Mossad agents to take out a president

Check out how Jewish Democrats meddle in the *Republican* race

Check out what I found in my email box today: ——- Dear NJDC Supporter,   Jewish Republicans and Jewish Democrats disagree about so much, but there’s one thing on which we see eye-to-eye: Ron Paul is bad news when it comes to Israel.   The New York Times reported Sunday about some of Paul’s fringe following, which also includes white supremacists and anti-Zionists — and how Paul would “not disavow

Israelis order US to threaten Egypt

Great article in Haaretz today.  It describes how the Israelis told the US to pressure Egypt and how the US immediately complied and actually threatened “consequences”.  It confirms, if need be, that Israel uses the “Only Superpower Left On The Planet” as a vulgar pitbull.

Amid Murdoch scandal, Israel backers worry about muting of pro-Israel media voice

(-: thanks to L. for this little jewel of candid reporting :-) By Ron Kampeas for JTA Pro-Israel leaders in the United States, Britain and Australia are warily watching the unfolding of the phone-hacking scandal that is threatening to engulf the media empire of Rupert Murdoch, founder of News Corp. Murdoch’s sudden massive reversal of fortune — with 10 top former staffers and executives under arrest in Britain for hacking

Netanyahu, Obama and the rest of them are polarizing the world, and this is a very good thing indeed

Yesterday I watched with some amazement how the entire US Congress stood up and down and up and down and up and down again “interrupting” Netanyahu’s speech with obligatory standing ovations and thought to myself, is there any way at all a country could humiliate itself any more?  Keep in mind that the man for whom the US Congress folks were obsequiously hopping up and down is the same man

Absolutely amazing humiliation of the USA by Netanyahu

Just watch these surreal images: That Netanyahu would dare to utterly humiliate Obama inside the White House on in front of the world press really proves what which has been clear for many years already: The USA is not a superpower. The USA is just an Israeli colony. Call is ZOG. Call it ZPC.  Call it the “Israel Lobby”.   Call it whatever you want, but the fact is that the