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Comment by Dimitar
……….If I may add a few thoughts………..
“We need a global revolution in consciousness to avert the threat to life on earth…”

Any true revolution in consciousness must begin within the individual him/herself, and is a process that occurs within the spiritual body, or Soul, of the individual. It eventually transforms one’s existence into something untranscribable with words. Reincarnation, karma are spiritual facts that govern human existence, but there is a higher law, the Law of Love. The Law of Love will lead man out of the mire ( maya, or illusion ) of human existence, and eventually toward the greater realizations that every soul must one day experience, Self Realization followed by God Realization.

How do we experience these states? The emancipaton of Soul takes countless lifetimes, but it does not happen as the Persian poet Rumi, said, in his poem “Mountaintop Trough” by “straining one’s neck and looking up at the mountain”, ie; without effort. It takes dedication, commitment, sacrifice/discipline and mostly love, a love that we eventually become! How much are we prepared to give to achieve a transformation in consciousness? One minute a day? Ten minutes? An hour? Whatever we put into it, we will reap.

To take control of one’s life is the great spiritual adventure and rests/hinges on the principle, “Thy will be done”, ( not mine ). There’s a paradox in this statement, evidenced in the story of someone saying, “well, how can I be concerned with the question of God when I have not enough food to eat?” If one’s attention is on God, then God will see to it that we have enough to eat.

A very good way for the individual to start to bring about a concentration of his spiritual energies is to find a mantra, a spiritually uplifting saying, or phrase that inspires him/her, and begin working with that on a daily basis. One must also begin to spend a certain amount of time observing/experiencing his inner world. Initiative and creativity are of paramount importance, but also sincerity and love. HU is the best mantra or spiritually charged word, I’ve found. But OM, or AUM are excellent as well. Even the word God, or the name of one’s spiritual teacher. Prayers, spiritually uplifting inspiring verse etc. are very good too.

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